Hunger Games Hair

Are you looking for information all about Hunger Games hair? Well I’m not going to give you an tutorials, because let’s be honest – that would take forever. Instead I get to share a little story with you. I haven’t updated much about my experiences in beauty school as it’s been quite a trek – […]

Beauty School Recap – Part 1

If you didn’t know by now, I have enrolled full time in Beauty (Cosmetology) School. I begun classes two months ago and I am only a small fraction into my education. My school breaks down the 11 month program into “zones”. Each zone consists of about 2 months (3 days a week, 10+ hour days) […]

Cut & Wax-A-Thon benefiting Phoenix Children’s Hospital

I just wanted to share this information for those that are local to the state of Arizona and/or Phoenix Metropolitan area! Cut & Wax-A-Thon benefiting Phoenix Children’s Hospital is Thursday 12/8. Come in between 10:00am and 12:00 for $5 Haircuts and $5 Facial Waxing at Kohler Academy. (My school) Be sure to connect with Kohler […]

80’s Kid Style

Take 2. It’s spirit week again at the kids’ school. Here is 80’s Day At School last year. And now here is this year:        

1st Day of School 2011-2012 Kids Style

The kids and I went shopping at the beginning of the month for school clothes. They gave me input on what they wanted and I helped out with what I thought would work or not. Today they are off to school for their first day and this is their style. I have to admit (obviously […]

Start School With Unique Style

If you don’t already know by now, I should fill you in, I am in College. I haven’t fully declared my major and my ultimate goal is Medical School. Along the path of life, discovery and knowledge there are times I second guess my ultimate goal but I believe all the other things that are […]

Back To School

They are OFF.  Brodie was easy to drop off. I went over with her, her classroom number and she hopped out of the car with a wave. We actually parked at the little kids’ school to show them where their classrooms were etc to be on the safe side. Tristan was much easier than we […]


Today I am going to cry a little. Today will be a bittersweet day. Today is going to be a big and new change. Today is a day Brent and I have waited for, for 10 years. Today starts the first day of school for not 1, not 2, but 3 kids. Today three kids […]

Working Hard For Our Money

Yesterday I got the cleaning bug. It’s close to the end of summer for us so I wanted to organize all the kids’ clothes and see where I stood with having to school shop for them. On top of that I try monthly to purge their toys and get rid of the broken, box up […]

It Has Begun

A couple weeks ago Tristan finally made the leap to stay the night at a friends house. She has stayed the night at her Uncles, Grandparents BUT never a friend. Never without a family member be it a cousin etc that she was used to. I dropped her off and lingered awhile. Waiting for her […]