Treat Yourself To Great Food

The kids are in school. I am in school. Life is hectic and busier than normal. We are running, going, studying, cleaning and keeping our heads above water. Sometimes you just need to slow down and enjoy life. Not drown in all the lists of things to do, and quit worrying about the mess. It […]

Seventh Generation Back To School Giveaway

I am sure you all have kids in school or at least are starting soon right?! Mine have already been in school for almost two months. Go me! But with that I get more time to deep clean my house and also send the kids off with items that I prefer don’t come back with […]

Spaceheadz Book Giveaway

My kids love to read and so do I. Tristan is beginning to learn to read which is very exciting for her and I. I love watching her learn to sound out words and form complete sentences that are written down. Brodie is the older stage, loving to read long chapter books with a not […]

Shred Sled – Shox Scooter Review

My kids are outdoor kids. They love nothing more than to spend their free time outside playing doing whatever they can. Their all time favorite, as with any child – is riding their bikes and/or scooters. Thanks to Team Mom we got the chance to review a pretty cool new scooter from Shred Sled. About […]

Wordlock Review

I have actually been traveling a bit this year and as always Brent travels all year long – A LOT. His travels are much more different than mine as often times he has to hang at an airport for a few hours waiting to board. While it would seem easier to get a hotel room, […]

Back To School – Crayola “Green” Giveaway

Best part about school hands down, coloring. Especially if you are a kindergartner. Just ask Tristan. If there is one thing she can tell me she does daily, it’s color. I know she obviously does learn and do more than that – but coloring is the best part. Well Crayola is getting greener this year: […]

David Garrett CD Review

Y’all know me and my love of music by now. And you should by now know that I love pretty much every type of music. From Rap to Classical, I have no wide range favorite in one genre. Thanks to being a part of Music Moms I get a chance to hear music and give […]

Balloonatiks Review

Finding new and unique movies etc for my kids to watch is challenge. Do you have the same challenge? That hardest part is definitely my son. He’s not the biggest fan of watching the same movies we already have. But I think that has something to do with always wanting wanting wanting. Let me introduce […]

Paper Mate Biodegradable Review

A good pen or pencil is close to heaven in my house. I can’t tell you how many pens and pencils I buy weekly to keep up with my kids constantly stealing them or losing them. I actually had a couple great pens but left them in my purse in the car with a orange […]

Box Tops With Safeway (Giveaway)

We all know I am a huge advocate for education, especially here in Arizona. The kids at the beginning of the year always get a sheet of paper that they get to collect box tops and glue them on to these papers. Then when it is filled up they turn them in. I always enjoy […]