Santa Cruz Organic

I am not an experienced organic eater. At all. I have eaten very few things that are considered organic. I do remember eating fresh hamburger – I mean from a cow fresh on a farm type of thing – when I went to Iowa when I was 16. That was delicious. Just recently the kids […]

Xyli-Tots Lollies Review & Giveaway

With Halloween bordering just around the corner there are a few things we as parents worry about. Safety. Costumes. Candy. Right? Well I am sure there is more but those are the things we Greer’s worry about. When I was a kids we got a TON of candy, had to get it checked and then […]

Voskos Greek Yogurt

Believe it or not I have never had anything but plain yogurt. NEVER had Greek Yogurt that is for sure. So when I had the chance to review Voskos, I jumped at the chance. We are pretty boring food eaters around here and I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce not only […]

Dandelion Organic Tote Reivew

Dandelion Organic Tote Reivew

I am in college. I am a mom. You know what that means? That I carry everything with me in a purse. Most of the time I’m carrying some ugly sack of a thing I call a purse. And it’s full of EVERYTHING. And I’m talking EVERYTHING. There isn’t anything I don’t carry with me. […]

Wordgirl: Tricks & Treats DVD

When I was kid growing up we really didn’t have a lot of fancy cartoons. We had the usual Disney classic’s, Scooby Doo and I think Barney was pretty new when I was little. Plus TV was barely starting to air non-stop. I vividly remember the flag waving and the dog barking, “Sit boo boo […]

Cooking Up Holiday Fun With The Constructive Playthings Classic Wood Kitchen Set Review And Giveaway

We are into September now ladies and gents. With a new month and being part of the Constructive Mom Bloggers, means new things to share with you! Christmas is only three months away which also means you need to shopping around for ideas. Right?! Hopefully Constructive Playthings and I can bring you some great ideas […]

Giddy Up Lovely Lip Balm Kit Review

The other day I finally got my lab kit in for biology class. I was so excited and relieved because I had to do a lab experiment and I was worried I would fall behind. Well the kit is huge for one thing and two the kids were just as excited. The thing comes with […]

JumpStart Review & Giveaway

I don’t let my kids get on the computer much but when I do there are very few sites I let them go to. I do not mind at all if they get on the computer and go online to sites that are educational. I am just that way. Well enter JumpStart. About JumpStart 3D […]

PartyLite Review

One of the best parts about Deep Cleaning your house is when it’s all done. You can light your candles, spray your sprays and sit back in a clean – great smelling house. Or at least that is my favorite part. As soon as my house is scrubbed from top to bottom, I light all […]

Smelly Washer Review

Part of my deep cleaning process is cleaning the laundry room too. Which includes getting my washing machine clean and getting my towels etc to smell fresh! Yes, yes I am anal. But with the kids being in school I actually have the time to do the things I have been dying to do for […]