Crayola Glow Station – Review

I got the honor of reviewing, not 1, not 2, but 3 products from Crayola. All 3 products came right before Christmas, so I got double use out of them. The first product, was a Crayola Glow Station. It is for kids ages 6+ , so I let my oldest who is 8, have her […]

Glamour Addict Boutik Makeup

I’ve had the pleasure of trying out some mineral makeup. I love mineral makeup, because it does not break my skin out. My skin is touchy, to say the least. If it’s not washed with certain soaps or I don’t use certain makeup, I look like a teenager all over again. Annoying! I found Glamour […]

Debbie’s Dips — A Delicious Review

I was so lucky to get to review (read taste and have an excuse to stuff my face) Debbie’s Dips! Debbie’s Dips are prepackaged gourmet mixes for everything! I am a huge lover of any dip and so are most of my family members. We are always looking for quick dips that taste great and […]

Udder Cream Review

My mom introduced this product into my life many a years ago. I actually think she bought it for me to use on my cats. But that’s not the point. I found a very different use. A great use. I hate, hate, hate, HATE, dry skin. It’s obviously a serious issue. My biggest pet peeve […]

Frederick’s Of Hollywood Review

On The Greer 5, I have mentioned, a while ago, Frederick’s Of Hollywood. I love that place, I do! I first walked in there and of course the ladies were quick to help me and size me up! Something that I haven’t ever done. So I was shoving big boobs into little bras and it […]

Papier de Fantaisie

Isn’t this fun?! I think so! Today I am featuring another fabulous etsy shop! I do heart etsy! If you are like me, I can never have enough pen and paper! I am jotting down lists, writing myself notes, to-do stuff etc! And what better thing to have is one that is fancy and personalized […]

FOH Is Great!

My mother in law told me that she went bra shopping at FOH. (see left) At first I was pretty shocked I must admit. I mean seriously, your first thought on that is lingerie meant for only your man’s eyes and my second thought was “OH MY GOD THEY ARE CLOSET FREAKS!” But she has […]