Hoover Max Extract 60

I love clean carpets. Who doesn’t, right?! I rarely have time to deep clean my house and when I do I go all out. The carpet in this house is a weird brown that I would never have installed in my house had I been the owner of it. On top of it, I have […]

Heely’s For Girls

This should really say Heely’s for girls and women. Or even Heely’s for women like me who have hooves for feet, aka size 4 in kids. So when I ordered the Heely’s with myself in mind, I actually was thinking of Brodie, my soon to be 11 year old who wears a size 3-4 also. […]

Classy Home Decorating

When I moved into this new house, which I will post video of pictures soon of it, I wanted to decorate the extra room in here with style. I wanted this house while large to still be inviting and comfortable. But I didn’t want it to look like I had thrown some things up on […]

Hoover – A Gift Worth Giving

I recently moved into a new house.  The house we are now living in, has given us one thousand; possibly more, square feet. With the added square footage, while sounding fantastic to most people adds to my cleaning chores. My days are now all consumed with attempting to clean either the downstairs or upstairs and […]

Teaching Kids Manners

I think as parents we all want to say that our kids are well behaved, well mannered and near perfect. Then reality hits and we realize those thoughts are just a dream. I always say I don’t care how my kids act as long as they are well behaved and well mannered in PUBLIC. Somehow […]

OrganWise Guys

The funny thing about me being in college and studying to be a doctor is my kids’ interest in it. As soon as my lab kit came in my kids were thrilled. Every time I start a new lab exploration for biology my kids have to join in and want to learn what I am […]

Creative Bags For Kids

I cannot stress how much my kids love to color and create things. They are the ultimate little crafting kids and I spend the most of the day cleaning up the mess from it. I know I was pretty much the same way when I was a kid too. I always know too that to […]

Diamond Earrings Make A Great Outfit Accessory

Diamond Earrings Make A Great Outfit Accessory

I do not wear a lot of jewelry. Heck I don’t even wear a wedding ring. That is just one more thing for me to keep track of and more than likely lose. But if there is one thing that I try to wear with each outfit it is earrings. They are probably one of […]

Create Your Own Pop-Up Books Kit

My kids have a love of creating things. I have totes after totes of craft things, colors, glue, scissors and more for them to make whatever they want to make. I try to control when they do this as usually it becomes a fight at some point but also a HUGE mess. And since they […]

Totino’s & Box Tops For Education

I can only be redundant in saying that I am an advocate for my children and their education. I love learning. I want to learn. I am in college now. I want my kids to love learning, to learn and to attend college when they are older. Now I realize plans can change from now […]