Denizen Jeans – From Levi’s

I love jeans. LOVE them. But I am picky about jeans. I have to wear a fit that isn’t just flattering to my shape, but that I am comfortable in. I get that all of you are shaking your head going, yeah well me too. But I’m Brittany. I’m a bit of a special girl. […]

Go Swim With Disney Princesses

Summer is finally starting to wrap up here in Arizona. Finally. Though we still are having 100+ degree temps during the day, night time weather is finally reaching around the 70 to 80’s. Which means we must bid farewell to the magic of our swimming pool. The kids did it graciously and with the help […]

Fashion To Figure Review

Being a curvy woman and trying to find clothes that fit nicely that are still fashionable can be quite a challenge. You want to be able to wear something that is comfortable, that looks good and that is not the most expensive thing in the world! Fashion To Figure approached me about reviewing one of […]

Fantastic Sams Shampoo and Conditoner

My hair is a large extension of me. Which I need to get some pictures for y’all soon of my fabulous hair, but I change it ALL the time. With the seasons. With my moods. You get the picture right?! Being a Fantastic Sams”atic” gives me the ability to try out some of the fabulous […]

Fairy Pocket Mini USB

So as we now I am an adult. A woman. And my husband isn’t always home. You get where this is leading to right?! Good. MyPleasure a leading online retailer of sex toys sent me a little novelty item to “play” around with and let you know what I think. First I know exactly your […]

Glade Fragrance Collection (Lemongrass & Citrus) Review

If there is one thing about my house that just adds that spectacular touch and makes me feel perfect in my home it’s candles. I love the way a candle can make my house smell good and feel relaxing all at the same time. Especially at night when the house is quiet and the kids […]

Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Review

I am a fan of making my life easier when it comes to keeping things clean. It has become easier to clean up the house and keep it clean now that the kids are in school but I don’t want to spend all my free time scrubbing everything done. I like to enjoy my free […]

See Kai Run Review

While always in the search for things that make my four year child entirely ecstatic, I ran into a few things she would enjoy. See Kai Run shoes. There are a few reasons why, I approached them about a review¬† to bring to you. 1. Tristan is very girly. (at times) She loves her shoes, […]

Scentchips Review

Here in my small town, in the large state of Texas; a store called my name. OK, it smelled my name. I am a foo-foo lover! I love anything that smells (good), especially when it comes to my home. Having three children, two dogs and various other things that smell (bad) (at times), making my […]