Stretching The Truth

As much as we all like to think we are awesome and perfect – we need to fess up and say it: We’ve stretched the truth and told a lie or two. I was a teenager, I did some horribly bad (as in I got caught) lying back in those fantastic days. Well Mederma is […]

Hot Coffee Without A Coffee Maker?

A bit over six months ago I said goodbye to something very special and close to me. Caffeine via coffee. I stopped going to Starbucks all together until I studied their menu more and found other drinks besides coffee. It was a hard break up and one that I truly haven’t missed. Well until recently. […]

Kendall GelThotics

For the past few months I have been working extremely hard to reach my goal weight. I have exercised. I have chosen to eat right. I have done what everyone knows to do when it comes to losing weight.I am on a mission to be the best I can be and I am going to […]

How To Get Any Makeup Look Easy

I previously gave a very basic and guided walk through on recreating makeup looks you love. But if you are, say an intermediate, when it comes to applying makeup then I want to share with you on how to get ANY makeup look you want. Let me show you some of the makeup looks I […]

Does Proactiv Really Work

If you have been following along with any of my posts you have taken notice to one truth I do not hide. I have battled acne all my life. I have done everything known to man to treat acne. I have tried herbals, gone to dermatologists, spoke with midwives and OB/GYN’s. I have used name […]

My Zombie Mill Ownership Story

The other day, OK it wasn’t just the other day it was a couple weeks ago I tweeted about how my Klout is actually truthful. I have Klout about #Zombies and I at the point was an official #Zombie mill owner. All this stemming from a bunch of different things and ending with a big […]

Keep Your Skin Amazing

I just discussed how to renew your skin and I stated briefly how I was combating my acne. But I wanted to touch on things a bit more. There is more to just eating right, staying hydrated and following a regimen like Proactiv. Truly. And honestly face washes and treatments like that come with an […]

Renew Your Skin

I am on a personal mission at the last part of this year to look and feel my best. I’m going through all the steps of losing weight, eating right and improving my beauty routine. Part of improving my beauty routine is keeping my skin beautiful. Part of keeping my skin beautiful is not only […]

Chose Wine not Whine After Dinner

Or you can chose wine before dinner, with dinner or even run you a fabulous bubble bath and have a lovely glass waiting for you. Truth be told, I have never really been able to drink wine. For a brief moment and still it curiously lingers, we thought I was allergic to it. I would […]

How I Do Go Back To School Without Extra Worries

As most of you may probably know already I am heading to school in November. I have already been in school for the past year, gathering up my last bit of prerequisites so that I can safely transfer into a reputable pre-med program. Well as I went to enroll in my classes this summer, {fall […]