Gwee Microfiber Cleaning Accessory Review

Gwee Microfiber Cleaning Accessory Review

Gwee Microfiber Cleaning Accessory Review In short here is my review of products from Gwee. They are Microfiber Cleaning Accessories. Well they are a bit multi-functional actually. My favorite part about anything in life nowadays. So I GOT a few of their products: Gwee Keyring — $12.99 Gwee Leaf — $12.99 Gwee Racer — $12.99 […]

Dermagist Clarifying System for Acne Prone Skin

We are going to start with the usual preface for posts titled with a product(s) name: I was sent this product in return, I promised a post (review) on this product. I will also state that I do NOT have before and after pictures and just because I get a product for “free” doesn’t mean […]

Improving Skin Tone

Having beautiful skin is every women’s dream. Regardless of how much time we express our distaste for media influencing ones perception of beauty, we can’t deny that they have one thing right. What? Well never once in my life did I actually say, “Oh I wish I had bad skin, bad hair and I’d also […]

Shop and Save at Christmas

When it comes to finances during Christmas we all seem to spend far too much and save too little?! Correct? And if you sit down and write down what you normally spend during the holidays there are two things that stick out: Gifts and Gas. Either you are buying presents and spending too much or […]

Happy Skin For Winter

During the Christmas and winter months, my skin dries out and resembles something ugly and out of a horror story. It shrivels and cracks and hurts. And I mean it hurts. It’s uncomfortable and I get moody and well you get my disdain for the feeling. I can give you about 100 ways to improve […]

Keep Fit During The Holidays

There is something I dread every year and it’s the spread of holiday food that will greet my eyes and tempt my taste buds. I’m sure all of you know exactly what I am talking about. And as soon as we give in to temptation what do we do? We watch our waistline expand and […]

Something About Silver

I have to share a little secret about me – I don’t wear a lot of jewelry. I am obviously fanatical about hair, makeup and all things beauty but when it comes to anything fashion (accessories included)  I’m a bit on the “eek that girl is a hot mess” side.  Add the fact that I’m […]


I like to tell myself that 28 is still young. I like to pretend in my head that my body, hair and skin aren’t totally making those thoughts a complete and utter lie. But truthfully – I’m harsh on my body and hair. Going to beauty school has not only proven that, it’s also made […]

Skin Therapy

It’s winter. Yes even here in Arizona. It’s cold and it’s dry. And what does that mean? That our skin is being punished. Drying out. Tightness. You name it. Or for those slope bunnies you are experiencing the harsh sun radiating off the beautiful snow. It’s pretty much a lose, lose situation. And I’m here […]

Office Organization

My office is well not just my office. I store all the crafting stuff, sewing stuff, some books and of course my beauty stuff. Truth be told though that my beauty stuff (i.e. makeup, hair products etc) are not just in my office but also my closet and bathroom upstairs. I pretty much have it […]