Pumpkin Fluff Frosting / Cake Recipe

With Fall in full swing, Halloween now over, I want to start dishing out some of my recipes. I love cooking (gasp) and baking during the fall. I’m not sure if it warms up my house in the cool weather or if it just feels go to do it. Here is the recipe for my […]

Easy Nacho Recipe

I don’t make anything fancy dancy. I’m a simple and quick cook. This nacho recipe my Mom originally taught me. I’ve improvised since to a taste our family loves. Print Easy Nacho Recipe Recipe type: Appetizer or Dinner   Ingredients 1-2 lbs of Hamburger Meat — I go for super greasy. It’s flavorful. Preferably 80/20 ratio. […]

Pizza Burgers Recipe

Sometimes, the simple recipes are the best. And I always have to share. I can’t keep the easy ones to myself. Again, my dear friend the one with the Jello Cake Recipe, also had me try this out. It’s cheap. It’s easy. The kids will love it. Print Pizza Burgers Recipe Recipe type: Dinner or Snack […]

Jello Cake Recipe

A close friend of mine that I met through the kids’ school has given me a couple super yummy and non expensive recipes that are family favorites in their house. These recipes have now become family favorites in our house. Here is the Jello Cake Recipe. It’s moist, soft and super delish! Print Jello Cake […]

Sweet Tea Recipe

An easy Sweet Tea Recipe.  In the south Sweet Tea is a necessity…more important than water thank you. Here is how I make mine: 6 regular sized Lipton Tea Bags 1 1/2 Cups of Sugar I make the tea as though I am making coffee. Put the tea bags inside a filter, fill up the […]

Easy Stuffed Peppers

To not bore you with trivial and explicit information any longer about my body, I thought I would bring you a foodie post. Not that I am a chef by any means. Nope. Really, I just throw stuff together in a pot or into the oven and then force feed my children. Not really, but […]

Beans and Rice Recipe

There are days I truly enjoy cooking. Normally, cooking and I are not friends. We do not mesh well. Cooking for a family of five, including myself, is a task. Nobody every agrees on anything. Nobody every likes it. Everybody is whiny. But my family loves, really loves, southern home cooked meals. Those meals I […]