Meal Prep Breakfast and Smoothie Recipe

Meal Prep Breakfast and Smoothie Recipe I have been working my butt off to lose my…no not butt cause it’s pretty awesome, but my weight. I joined the local gym, The Alaska Club (also for Homeschool PE yay!) and have started to eat clean(ish) but more so healthier. It helps with the kids also because […]

5 Foodie Pins for 4th of July

5 Foodie Pins for 4th of July

Here are my top 5 Foodie Pins for the 4th of July! See if you are looking for delicious recipes for your 4th of July party, start here first.   Red, White & Blue Tie Dyed Cake Fruit Kabobs Red, White & Blue Rice Krispies 4th of July Drink Red, White & Blue Marshmallows   […]

Southern Style Chicken & Rice

Chicken and rice is a staple in my house and if you have ever lived in the south, you know it’s a common meal down there. It’s extremely simple to make and cheap. Plus chicken and rice goes a long way and/or can feed a lot of people. So here is my southern style chicken […]

Create A Dress Cake

When Brodie told me she wanted her birthday party to be centered around all things fashion my mind started reeling on how I could pull it off, especially when it came to the cake. I sat down and let my creative juices flow and I created birthday invitations for a fashion party, but how was […]

Is Meal Planning Worth It?

Right now Brent and I have the goal of saving a lot of money and paying off a lot of debt. We noticed that are biggest money eater is well eating. Food. I get tired of cooking 3 meals a day and what is the next best choice? Ah yes, you guessed it – eating […]

Worms In Dirt Recipe

    Print Worms In Dirt Recipe   Fun Halloween themed recipe that kids can help make! Ingredients 1 16 oz package of Oreo Cookies 2 Cups Cold Milk 1 package Jell-O Chocolate Instant Pudding 1 8 oz Cool Whip serving cups (or if you want to make this quick buy pre-made pudding cups) Gummy […]

30 Minute Meal Ideas

Brent and I went the other day and bought a nice grill finally. Now with a pool and grill, most of our days will be spent outside in the sun. The positive to having a grill is less dishes and cooking for me. I do the prep work and the side dishes. Super simple. I […]

Easy Cheese Ball Recipe

Print Easy Cheese Ball Recipe Recipe type: Appetizer   A great cheese ball recipe as an appetizer. Ingredients About 1 pkg of shredded cheese (I prefer sharp) 1 – 80z pkg softened or whipped style cream cheese 1 small (the smallest) can of diced green chiles 1 small pkg of crushed pecans Instructions I normally prepare […]

Pork Chop Pie Recipe

Print Pork Chop Pie Recipe Recipe type: Dinner   A tasty pork chop recipe. Ingredients 1 egg. 2 cups breadcrumbs. ⅓ cup skim milk 1 cup cooked whole grain rice ⅓ cup shredded carrots ⅓ cup bell peppers (green, red) salt & pepper Instructions I put salt and pepper on the pork chops and put them […]

Sloppy Joes Recipe

Print Sloppy Joes Recipe Recipe type: Dinner   Quick and easy meals that is best served with salad, corn and maybe a potato of sorts. Ingredients Hamburger Meat 1 can chicken gumbo soup 2-3 packets of mild taco bell sauce (yes from taco bell for free lol) Hamburger buns Instructions Cook up hamburger meat and drain […]