Reading With The Boys

My son is a reading maniac. He’s a maniac in general but when it comes to reading he is beyond excelling at his level as well as enjoying it. If I ever am ultimately proud of my kids, it’s when I know they are going above and beyond when it comes to reading. To me […]

Reading and Summer Fun with Walmart

Just thought I would throw out this great tid bit of information about Walmart. Summer time is close so if you are like me you want to keep the kids busy outside and of course keep them reading so they do not fall behind during the summer. A great way to slow down for an […]

Author Review — Laurell K Hamilton

I know that everyone or almost everyone has been sucked into the Twilight world. And don’t get me wrong…I went and saw the movie and am now reading all the books, but it’s not completely my forte! I like the vampire thing. OK I love the vampire thing. I love the love story. I think […]