Influencing and Inspiring and Breaking Borders

Just a few short months ago a situation put my online world into major perspective. I had already taken a hiatus from my mommy blogging and when I came back everything felt very different to me. It was no longer what I really wanted from my online world and I felt there was nothing but […]

How To Do Marketing Poorly

Once upon a time prior to children I took two classes in high school that were college level accounting courses. For some odd reason at the ripe (I’m talking I just turned) 16 I was swept up and fell in love with the world of business. Maybe we chalk it up to family genes as […]

How To Write A Product Review

I by no means have been following this guideline. I’ll be honest. But now that I am in college and taking English class, I am learning the error of my blogging ways. Believe it or not. I think sometimes we as product reviewers get inundated with reviews we need to get done so we in […]