Word(Ful&Less)Wednesday 11/7/09

Today I wish I could bring you a really fantastical post. But it is just not coming. And I can’t keep entirely quiet. Below are pictures. Explanation? “When The Kids Have A Camera….” Visit other Wordful and Wordless Wednesday Here: Wordless Wednesday @ MomDot Wordful Wednesday @ 7 Clown Circus

Wordful Wednesday – Tristan The Ace

I can’t believe she is almost four. She used to be my sleeping beauty baby. It really wasn’t that long ago. And when I see her pictures like this, it gives me the itch for more. Then I look at the picture below, of her on the table sneaking the cake, and I am not […]

Wordful Wednesday #2

I posted this picture awhile back ago, of Brent. But I think Brent needs some attention via the blog. He will find that to be very humorous. This is of Sir Brently at work in Alaska. That beautiful, if you ask Brent to describe it, (I call it a bunch of metal, but I’m a […]

First – Wordful Wednesday

I’ve seen this and must get in on the action. Wordful Wednesday. I can’t keep my mouth shut so I’m going to do Wordful! This is me and my brother in law, Brandon. Him and I get along pretty darn well and are pretty close! It’s a good picture, from New Year’s Eve! Now off […]

Homeless Superhero

Did I ever tell you the story of the Homeless Superhero? That saved the world from all the evil doers out there. With hardly any clothes on his back, looking as though he just rolled out of bed, he kicked and punched his way into the worlds hearts. But he is the strongest Superhero out […]

How Do Power Rangers Stand

How Do Power Rangers Stand

Dayton informed me of 3 things. 1. The puppy (Charlotte) wants to bite his whacker off. 2. He’s dressed and ready to go. 3. This is how to do the Power Rangers Stance:  

Visual Stimulation

A little slide show of some beauties in my yard. I’m not the greatest green thumb but we are working at it. With some Aloe Vera plants, Tiger Lilies, Sunflowers, Annuals, Tulips etc we are adding life to our yard. We also have a peach tree, plum tree and a fig tree I love. And […]