TV Ranger

This is a very obvious picture taken by my son. Again, it’s a power ranger. They shouldn’t be so obvious when they steal my camera.

Food Art

This is a really bad picture of food. And apparently it’s art.

Shoe Art

Apparently there was something interesting about their shoes. Maybe the sand in them?

Caught In The Act

I don’t let my kids on my computer. I am anal about my computer. I had gone out one night and the kids managed to talk the babysitter into letting them on the computer. Too bad they had the camera around and were caught in the act.

Power Ranger Death

I know exactly who took this picture…it’s obviously a dead giveaway. Power Ranger = Dayton.

Charlotte & Daisy

It’s been awhile since I’ve showed some pictures of my dog dogs. They are doing great. Hanging in the house with me. Stalking me. Laying under my feet under the desk. Then running outside with the kids. They have a tough life and all. Tristan and Charlotte hanging out. Laying down on the back porch. […]

Eye Spy

With my up close eye. I can’t tell you have many pictures I have like this with my kids playing with the camera.

I Saw The Sign #5

This isn’t a funny sign…just a neat sign. This is at the my husbands grandparents house. His grandparents have passed and we were there for his father’s funeral. Our roots began here.

Good Sleep SpongeBob

This is only one of the MANY pictures I have that my kids took of the television. SpongeBob is apparently captivating when he is sleeping.

Mr. & Mrs. Brent Greer

I meant to post this on our actual wedding anniversary but I forgot. I was busy talking to Mr. Greer online. Ha! Well it’s been 4 years since we have been married. Happy Anniversary to us! Brent doesn’t actually consider this our anniversary because we officially started dating December 21st and that is an important […]