Haute Couture With Kate Spade

The timeless elegance look. Pre-Mod fashion and maybe the beginnings of Mod. Feminine. A style characterized by Haute Couture.  I cannot stress enough how not only are the hair and makeup style trends making it’s way back into our lives, but so is fashion. Don’t believe me? Check out some of these newer pieces from […]

Guess Fall 2011 Campaign Perfection

I picked up my latest fashion magazines not too long ago and then stumbled upon Fashion Gone Rogue and saw complete perfection when it comes to advertising and campaigns for fall fashion. {Note I also snagged these images from the same site, but they are done by Ellen von Unwerth featuring Amber Heard.} Anyway these […]

I love Brittany too

I was analyzing stats and information on my sites and the such when one of the keywords that landed a visitor to my sites struck me as obvious. I love Brittany too. And. I love you too!

5 Pictures That Make Me Miss Texas

I try not to let myself get to homesick for Texas but often times I will see pictures, hear people talking, read something or what have you, that make me long for my moments I spent back there. It has been signed, sealed and delivered that I will get back there soon enough – when […]

It Runs Deep

Who you are and what you love runs the deepest. It’s hard to find things that fulfill you in the way that those two things do. Being able to express yourself and ignite your identity passionately is not just fulfilling it’s almost a life line. So as I sift through posts previously written on a […]

My Back Porch View

I can’t help but miss waking up, grabbing coffee and seeing this out my back door. An amazing view from my back porch in Texas.

Proof teenagers are dumb

You want the ultimate proof of the idiocy that teenagers carry? I was tagged in a photo on Facebook. It’s a picture of me my junior/senior year. I thought I was fat. Yeah. FAT. I mean I thought I was HUGE. I blocked the faces of the others in the picture as I wasn’t sure […]

Lost Pictures – Found

So yesterday I got this brilliant idea to clean my computer. Not like delete things. And not like wipe it down. One of the five hundred bagillion fans inside the tower was so caked with dust, I needed to give it a good blow job. (Oh. Dirty. Ha.) Anyhow, so I took it apart. Yeah […]

Just some kids

Just a picture of some kids I like. No big deal.  

Should I Be Worried

I don’t know if I should be worried or do what I am doing and laughing hysterically.