Where I Come From

Let’s see I was born in Chandler, Arizona. Lived there until I was in the sixth grade. But I don’t really consider myself from Chandler. I was just a bare foot, dirty, non-matching clothes wearing kid. I thought riding bikes, playing with Barbie’s, dancing in the yard, playing in sprinklers and playing softball was all […]

It’s not the beginning or the end

It’s never the beginning. The beginning is almost always exciting. You build up that anxious feeling from the excitement. Any little worries you may have at the beginning will pester you but eventually wear off. It’s thrilling because the beginning is new. The end. The end is always a let down. You will say it […]

Personal Insight

What would a “blog” be without a little personal insight into who I am. I thought about making a super long list about who I am or typing out this well written blog post but that’s really not who I am. I like to throw out bits and pieces of information and come back later […]

Being Poor

So just now, a few minutes ago I tweeted about how much I love my shower.  Because if you just read my last post – we were poor and had to shut off the gas — so not hot water. I have no shame in telling anyone about my hardships the first six months of […]