Momma’s Chic Motion Sickness Bags

Momma’s Chic Sicbags has come up with a great solution to the problem faced by thousands on a daily basis!! Great, disposable and sanitary MOTION SICKNESS BAGS that will stand up to the toughest mess. These bags are HUGE and are available with unique logos. The TRAVEL DESIGN displays all forms of travel including, car, […]

These Ties That Bind

I hope against hope every single day that I am doing the best, the very best, at raising my kids to be productive, self sufficient, caring and selfless citizens of the world. I am sure along the way  am going to screw something up and I am sure I have screwed something up already. All […]

She’ll Take Your Husbands

I get moments, although rarely and last for a brief second, with my children to have serious conversation with them. Or attempt it at least. Tristan and I were watching a show tonight. There was a gentleman on the show who had half a face due to a drunk driver hitting him. I’m not totally […]

This year

This year, 2010 is only a couple months off of being half done. And the more I think about this year in particular the more I realize I will say one thing at the end of this year. Just one statement and it all just seems so surreal. So fast going. So what the hell […]

It Never Gets Easy

Brent leaving. Never. And for the past 5 years exactly now we have been doing this. Six weeks, sometimes more gone – home if we are lucky for longer than 2 weeks. This time he was able to stay home for longer because I had work done on my mouth. But as I said – […]

Prenatal 101: Sneak Peek into Motherhood Event – May 8th

Citibabes Hosts Annual Prenatal Event in New York City Chic, fun, and informative event featuring prenatal experts, workshops, pampering lounge, and more! NEW YORK, April XX, 2010 – Citibabes, the leading family lifestyle brand, will be hosting their annual prenatal event, “Prenatal 101: A Sneak Peek into Motherhood,” just in time for Mother’s Day and […]

I’m THAT Parent

Saturday my friend and I went out of town for a little fun and vacation in the white mountains. Brent and his little brother took the three kids to Golfland. Setting the scene this was how it went with him: The kids were protected with sunscreen, floaties and the such. Plenty of lifeguards on duty. […]

This Is The List

Of us. What we do now daily or I will be doing from here on out. Fun. Tiring. You know all that stuff. The list of things we do and how our days normally look now: Me – Up at 6:30. Pee. Make coffee, make breakfast for myself which is normally turkey bacon, cinnamon toast, […]

Brodie’s Space

Brodie being in the 3rd grade is a challenge. Let me rephrase, Brodie is a challenge, but one I am always ready for. I was ready for her to be born. I was ready for us to butt heads. I was ready for the whining, crying and fit throwing, I was ready for the talking […]

He’s Dangerous

Dayton came home from school yesterday happy as pill. Which is our agreement. He has wonderful days at school, never getting in trouble, always being a peach, but the minute he crosses (what I refer to as the gates of hell) the gate to leave school, he puts on his saddest face possible. For no […]