Parenting – A Double Edged Sword

All three of my kids are now in school. Giving me freedom throughout the day to lounge or accomplish something. I don’t miss them. I don’t count down the minutes until they are home. It’s my time and I am going to bask in the silence. I am going to enjoy the fact that I […]

What Is The Dating Age

What Is The Dating Age

When I was younger the rules were simple, I couldn’t date until I was 16. Being a kid I knew how to skirt the rules, find loop holes and generally disobey my parents. That is our job as children right?! To give our parents gray hair prematurely. When I had my kids I figured the […]

Pulling An All Nighter

A couple weekends ago I promised the kids ice cream. I then promised them after ice cream we would find something on Netflix and watch it together. We ended up picking some old episodes of Shark Week. My kids love watching most programming like this. Which is a good thing. They are entertained and they […]

Incredibundles Happy Baby Contest

Thought I would share this lovely gem with you — for those mamas out there with beautiful babies and all! The first 50 “Greer 5” Readers who enter the Happy Baby Contest will receive a free children’s book! Here’s how it works: Step 1:  Enter the Happy Baby Contest ( for a chance to […]

Child Safety

I am definitely not an expert on safety or way to keep my kids safe. When my kids were little I tried to child proof my house to the best of my ability but alas they would still find things to get into. I would have to follow them around to see what they were […]

The Blame Game

When I was a little kid there was a couple things I remember my Mom teaching me.  The first thing, right from wrong. When I thought it was right to color on my wall with red “whipstick” (lipstick in my brothers language as the older brother), my Mom made me scrub it off. When I […]

Keep A Positive Attitude

For the past three mornings this week when I drop Brodie off at school, her schoolmates are holding signs in the school driveway with sayings. Things like, responsibility – be to school on time. Responsibility – eat a good breakfast. Responsibility – do your homework. I think today at least was responsibility day. But yesterday […]

Home From #BOBNOLA

I am home from Bloggers on Bourbon. I am happy to be home as I missed my bed and my legs are tired, but I love New Orleans. The culture and the life their is amazing and if you are wondering if you should plan a trip to the Gulf Coast, let me tell you […]

It Has Begun

A couple weeks ago Tristan finally made the leap to stay the night at a friends house. She has stayed the night at her Uncles, Grandparents BUT never a friend. Never without a family member be it a cousin etc that she was used to. I dropped her off and lingered awhile. Waiting for her […]

Quit Yer Bitchin’

I’m in an unusually pissy mood tonight and somethings are just rubbing me the wrong way, such is life right? Well here is the deal, the very basic way for me to put it? Quit your bitching and find a solution. Seems simple enough eh? Wrong again. It’s much easier to offer that negative commentary […]