The Importance of Manners

I thought of titling this post as, The Importance of Manners in the South, but that wouldn’t be as broad as I wanted it to be. Right now my family are residing in the Southwest, which I wouldn’t even put in the same category as the South considering the vast difference in cultural and societal […]

Not that it doesn’t matter

Sunday was Mother’s Day. And I really hope that everybody really did have a good day. I did for the most part, but I am at the moment by myself. Brent being at work makes me the mob, errr Greer boss of the house. Which means no time to pee in silence. No time to […]

The Cost of Building ‘Em Up

When I gave birth to all three of my kids, I knew what I was having. I have no patience and Brent dislikes surprises. Christmas morning I want the kids to hurry up and open all their presents because I love the look on their faces. On the other hand, Christmas morning, Brent likes to […]

A whoops kind of moment

I am one of “those” parents that are lenient with my kids. Well not entirely lenient, but it’s best to say you can’t fit me into a specific box. (Dammit!) But I let my kids watch and listen to a variety of things. Including my kind of music. I try to avoid songs that can […]

My Life As A Teen Mom – Take 1

Having just blogged about Where They Go Wrong, in reference to what the media (etc) is not really portraying in the life of teenage mothers – I decided to finally share a little. I start typing and then I hit delete. Over and over again. Because just like when I got pregnant with Brodie so […]

A Constant Change

My kids are a constant change. Which is really no surprise to any parent. They know that from any moment their child can like one thing, the next hate it. Their interest is piqued at rare moments and like an unexpected breeze, comes and goes. Again, really no surprise to us parents. But there are […]

Where they go wrong: Teen Mom

You want to know who they are and where they go wrong? They are the television shows, blogs, newspapers, groups (organized for, against, for education of etc) and anything else that either A. Create A Reality Of or B. Talk About The Reality Of…teen pregnancy. And where they went wrong: the truth. Of course I […]

Daddy Daughter Moments

There are few moments that I have to butt out of my kids’ lives and just let them be. These moments have absolutely nothing to do with me. Tonight, just about ten minutes ago Tristan had this moment with her Dad. I stepped in long enough just to take the pictures. My little blonde hair […]

Teaching Kids Manners

I think as parents we all want to say that our kids are well behaved, well mannered and near perfect. Then reality hits and we realize those thoughts are just a dream. I always say I don’t care how my kids act as long as they are well behaved and well mannered in PUBLIC. Somehow […]

Children In Public

This is always a hot topic among people and always seems to pop up on the internet in blog posts. How should children behave in public etc. If they are throwing a tantrum in public should the parent remove them from the establishment (restaurant, store, airplane etc) or should they continue to do what they […]