A normal weekend

This is the first “normal” weekend we have had here in Alaska since the start of our Great Adventure.  I use normal so obviously loosely. What is normal when you just moved your family of 5 across the country to a place so dramatically different from what they are somewhat used to. I take that […]

Kids’ Swing Set

My kids have a swing set. It’s not a fancy high dollar one. We used to have a wood one that we got but moving it from Texas to Arizona we knew it wouldn’t really survive the trip. And because we are a nomadic type of family we haven’t wanted to invest in another one. […]

Get Out!

So yesterday the playhouse for kids showed up. Which I get to review actually. We put it together and it’s all set up now. So now the kids are moving out of the house. Thank goodness. In Texas they could run and play. For hours. They had forts and mighty jungles to explore. They had […]