New Years

It’s typical that about this time, people start looking back at the past year and looking forward to the new year. They even make fantastic New Years goals. I like to take a brief glimpse back only to check off the things I have accomplished and am happy about. But honestly, I love the feeling […]

Office Organization

My office is well not just my office. I store all the crafting stuff, sewing stuff, some books and of course my beauty stuff. Truth be told though that my beauty stuff (i.e. makeup, hair products etc) are not just in my office but also my closet and bathroom upstairs. I pretty much have it […]

Beauty Organizers

If there is one thing that every girl (including myself) would just die over as a Christmas gift it’s beauty related items. When we moved into our current house the thing that sold me most was the entire master bathroom, bedroom and closet. It is huge with a ton of space and a ton of […]

Deep Cleaning – Organization

Part of my routine when it comes to deep cleaning my house is organization. There is something very satisfying I feel when I get things put back in the spot they belong or when I find the right home for everything. If you read my Organizing A Blog post, you know I am about even […]

Working Hard For Our Money

Yesterday I got the cleaning bug. It’s close to the end of summer for us so I wanted to organize all the kids’ clothes and see where I stood with having to school shop for them. On top of that I try monthly to purge their toys and get rid of the broken, box up […]

Shopping Made Easy With Momcepts Gadgets*closed*

I am not an avid coupon user in the least, but a couple weeks ago I spent some time with a very close friend who is a avid coupon user.  She showed me how she organizes and I’ve been paying much more attention to the price of the things I need, what coupons I can […]