Are Bloggers Creating Bad Arguments

In this day and age we as bloggers have found that not only is our blog the perfect place to share our life stories (etc) but voice our opinion and stance; on what others may deem argumentative. I for one enjoy a good argument or two, but often times avoid it on the blog because […]

How Not To Be A Blogger Sell Out

Everyone in the blogging world has something to say about everyone else in the blogging world. Jane Doe blogger sells out for charging for everything. Jessica Doe blogger is dumb because she does NOT monetize at all. Jennifer Doe blogger has an ugly blog (according to Jane Doe blogger) and so on and so forth. […]

I Wanna Do Bad Things To You – My Vampire Take

It’s sweeping the nation, invading everyone’s home, filling up book shelves, coffee tables, book stores and tons of blog posts, tweets and much more. The Vampidemic. (That’s epidemic + Vampire FYI). From what I’ve learned and my research on this particular problem, it’s targeting females ranging from ages 10 to 50 if not older. It’s […]