The Internet Makes Me Question Life

I have once again taken a considerable amount of time away from the internet. You know, blogging, social media – the entire realm of it. Including porn. I am a full time student. I am a full time mother. I am a wife (when it fancies me – ha!). And while I had dreams of […]

Where they go wrong: Teen Mom

You want to know who they are and where they go wrong? They are the television shows, blogs, newspapers, groups (organized for, against, for education of etc) and anything else that either A. Create A Reality Of or B. Talk About The Reality Of…teen pregnancy. And where they went wrong: the truth. Of course I […]

I like pina coladas and rain

  Today I was reading various posts across the blog world. Posts that I should but don’t feel like mentioning because it takes far too much time to hyperlink and I probably should be in my bath that is bigger than my closet then heading to bed. But what I should be doing is never […]

Is The TSA Effective?

Yesterday morning I was driving to my Mom’s then going to my doctors appointment. As usual when I am in the car, I was listening to talk radio. I really can’t help that I enjoy it. With the attacks at Moscow Airport, most people via media were talking about the effectiveness of the TSA. And […]

Twitter – The New MySpace

I remember one day many many (OK not that many) years ago searching online for a band. It was a friend that I worked with, her husbands band. Lo and behold I found MySpace. Facebook was still being developed in Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm room. Actually I’m pretty sure he wasn’t even in his dorm room […]

What Ruins Halloween?

My friends and I have a lot of discussions about Halloween. A LOT. They are Halloween addicts and every year they full on get dressed up. I’m talking complete awesome costumes down to details, make up, hair etc. Then they attend a GIGANTIC Halloween bash in Phoenix that to have to be dressed up. […]

5 Annoying Words & Phrases

This isn’t anything bitchy or mean, there are just some words that I think as adults should be outlawed from being typed or being said. I’m sure y’all will NOT agree with me, but what can I say I’m pretty anal about it. If only I could get everyone on board though, I would live […]

Is The South Culturally Conservative?

I was born and raised in Arizona and while they may call it the southwest the cultural aspects of living in the south are far different than living in the southwest. On the other hand Brent was born and raised in the south. About eleven years ago we packed our bags and very few belongings […]

What is beauty?

We all know by now that I am that idealistic person. I see beauty in everything in life. Everybody has something so beautiful about themselves, whether we chose to see it or not. Whether we want to believe it or not. When I was sixteen and pregnant with Brodie, back then beauty to me was […]

What Say You?

I was reading this post by Jessica Gottlieb and it got my mind working. My kids aren’t into their teens yet. Still haven’t quite reached the preteens. (Tweens?) But the days aren’t far around the corner. Eight, almost nine, years have already gone by with Brodie. I watch her everyday, her curiosity peaking. (Peeking?) I’m […]