A Letter of Intent For College Admission

For those that know me, know that I am now actively pursuing a great career and education in the Beauty Industry. I had other plans. Great plans. Of becoming a Doctor and saving lives. I even started pursuing those plans. Unfortunately things don’t always work out the way you want. So for now, they will […]

Letters To Invisible People

When I was a kid, I wrote a letter to every single person or “made” up person. Santa. Tooth Fairy. Easter Bunny. Etc, etc, etc. I wonder if my Mom has all those letters. I am sure they would be quite comical to read. I poured my heart and soul into those letters. Asking Santa […]

The Note From The Miner I Shouldn’t Share

This morning I pulled myself out of bed. I begun my day with coffee at my desk in my office. The mini miner’s were still sleeping. So I fired up the email, the social networking sites and the usual websites I like to stalk over first thing in the morning. Low and behold beaming at […]