Cool Toilet!

So I know someone once blogged about this, or did a video about this but have you ever seen those automatic toilet cover things in public restrooms? I wanted to get a picture or video of it when I was in the New Orleans airport, but I think the other patrons of the restroom might […]

French Quarter Friday

The beginning of Bloggers on Bourbon was a whirlwind of a trip. I left Arizona at midnight basically, stopped over in Atlanta at 3 am (Arizona time) and arrived giddy in New Orleans by 7 am (Arizona time). I was EXHAUSTED but I was so excited that my exhaustion was put on the back burner. […]

A Louisiana Saturday Day & Night

I Louisiana. Love it. I love New Orleans and I love to travel. Here is about one magical day. My best friend and I always have said that when we are about sixty we want to live in a plantation home, drink mimosas on our wrap around porch and gossip about everyone is a small […]

The Ensuing Efficacy

I think one question that most people would as after attending a blogging event would be; ‘What did you get out of it’?. In this case what didn’t I get out of it. The intentions of Bloggers of Bourbon, in my mind, was to take the blogging and the online networking off of the computer […]

Au revoir mes amis

I am off to this: Bloggers On Bourbon And to set the mood for you and so you can be there with me in spirit: Aimez-vous!

Meeting People Online

Before I started blogging I did other things online. Yes, I even traveled to places (Florida & Puerto Rico) to meet my online friends in real life. But no matter how many times you do this, it’s always nerve wracking. You are meeting complete strangers that you have yes known awhile online, but seeing a […]

Cathedral Basilica

The Cathedral was most definitely a highlight of my trip. The days that the girls and I were in New Orleans we made sure to see the sights. You don’t drive in the French Quarters. Well you can, but walking is the most logical thing. So walking is what we did. We got up and […]

Drop It Low

Monday Music is running late today….here is Drop It Low By Ester Dean for Music Monday. Remember to check out Mentally Inked (the official home of Music Monday!) This song is dedicated to a bad ass time that was had at New Orleans!