Love Me Dead

This song is just fun for me today. And these particular lyrics are fun too. ‘High-maintenance’ means You’re a gluttonous queen Narcissistic and mean.

More Music

Every Monday Kim over at Mentally Inked does Music Mondays. If only I could get it together and get in sync with her posts I’d join her. Unfortunately I can’t. But I’ll keep bringing my lists and you must check out hers too! This list is a mixed genre of sorts. It’s hard to pin […]

Top 20 Classic Country

Here is my Top 20 Classic Country favorite list! Listen and enjoy!

Top 20 Favorite Classic Rock

I am always wanting to expand my listening library. (music) I can never get enough of it. There are times that I run out of songs that I need to get or want to listen to. So me and some of the ladies over at MomDot were talking about it. And they said, why don’t […]

My Job

Yes I do have a job besides sitting in front of this blog. I haven’t talked about it much as I thought I would use the blog for my job to talk about it. But the busier I got with this blog, the less that blog got attention. Now I’m in the process of taking […]

Ballas Hough Band CD – Review

I can’t lie with this one. I had an extremely tough time writing this review. But I have to give you my 100 percent honest opinion on this. I was given the wonderful opportunity to review a CD, Ballas Hough Band. I guess I can say I am a pretty tough music critic. Or maybe […]


Oh no, I am not talking about hearing voices. The ones I do hear come from three toe headed wonders. And that of my husband which I tend to block out and he gets quite angry with me about it. No, No, I am talking musically beautiful voices. And you know me. Right?! I love […]

Here’s To You Kitty

When I was a kid we had millions of cats. I’m talking millions. And it was always such a difficult task naming them. You had to get creative. When I was about 15-16, along came a cat I knew I was going to love. Naming him, as I said was going to be difficult. So […]