Top 10 Love Songs for Valentine’s Day

Top 10 Love Songs for Valentine’s Day

Ah yes, the dreaded love and swooning songs that play over and over again through your speakers when you are in song. Love Songs. Valentine’s Day. Okay, maybe they aren’t all that bad. And maybe you love Valentine’s Day. Or maybe you need that pick me up to remind yourself of love! Whatever it is, here are […]

Top 10 Songs To Play At Christmas

Here are my personal favorites when it comes to Song To Play At Christmas (especially when opening gifts, decorating the tree or eating Christmas dinner)! You think that I would pass up a holiday without posting a Top 10 song list? You are crazy! I am not the biggest fan of Christmas or cold weather […]

Best Makeup Looks Of Female Country Music Artists

I could literally go on for hours about the various sources of inspiration I have for different style of makeup but I wanted to touch on my roots a little. I think at some point in time every little girl turned on their radio and belted Reba songs as loud as they could. We all […]

Best Song Lyrics

You know it’s been some time since I really wrote a post about music. You all should know by now that I love writing about hair, makeup etc on this here blog of mine. And you know that I have enjoy learning and reading from the best fashion blog. But I also LOVE music. It’s […]

Top 10 Songs To Play On Halloween

Top 10 Songs To Play On Halloween

If you can’t tell by now my love for Halloween (really any Holiday) is over the top then you probably will never get it. In my world you have to go all out for whatever Holiday it is otherwise it’s no fun. Obviously Halloween is no different and I am here to bring you a […]

The Best Workout Playlist

Here is the best playlist to listen to while working out. I use it everyday for my 30 minute workout at home. P.S Had to put this picture in again. Ha! 1. Jason Aldean She’s Country 2. The Unit Theme Song (Robert Duncan) 3. Or if you prefer: Fired Up… Feels Good USMC 4. E.T. […]

Top 10 Songs to Play on the 4th of July

It’s a tradition of mine to listen to certain songs on the 4th of July. When asked what my favorite holiday is, Independence Day is my number one – without a doubt. I realize most people love the holidays that involve presents, good food, family togetherness and the cozy feeling of being near a fire. […]

30 Days – 30 Day Challenge

30 Days of Music…Music people! And here we are the LAST day of the 30 Day Music Challenge. I had so much fun being nostalgic, listening to great music and seeking out songs long since forgotten. So for the final prompt: day 30 – your favorite song at this time last year Yeah. Since Forgotten. […]

29th Day

Here we are. One day left. 30 Days of Music brought to you by Brittany. Congratulations you’ve stuck it out with me. So here we go for today. day 29 – a song from your childhood Of course I had to pick a couple other songs from my childhood. I mean Vanilla Ice is rad […]

30 Day Challenge – Day 28

Whoa nelly, I really can’t believe I managed to stick to something for a full month. But today, day 28 – a song that makes you feel guilty, is actually kind of hard. I mean really?! I assume not a guilty pleasure because well we covered that already. But I’m not really sure I know […]