How To Move To Alaska (Purging)

This is my first post in my guide on: How To Move To Alaska. I will be either writing more posts as I go along or I’ll turn into a static page for those interested in the entire process. But first things first… Obviously I advise you have money, time and HOUSE in place. But […]

Settled In Monday

Settled In Monday

It’s Monday…the 21st and 10 days after arriving in Alaska…we are officially settled. Settled in on Monday morning. Last week the two youngest kids were able to enroll and get off to school quite easily and rather quickly. But Brodie on the other hand, hung out with me all week until we could get her […]

The Great Adventure

The Great Adventure

It was a fairly beautiful late spring day in Arizona and I was in a horrendous mood. A mood that had thus far seemed to match my year. Frustrating. Full of anxiety. Annoyed. Confused. Needing…I was needing something I couldn’t pinpoint.   So I hopped in my car with kids in tow and drove. I […]

Furniture Dilemma

Right now I have pretty hideous couches. The stuffing is going so flat on the cushions, the legs on the sides are having issues pulling out. They are quite simply put, old. We’ve had them for about five years I want to say. I’ve scrubbed them. I’ve spot cleaned them. I’ve pressure washed the crap […]

The Thing About Moving

Is there is so much to it. If you read my post about you me you know that we’ve moved a lot. Like I said, we don’t call ourselves a wandering family for the fun of it. We are nomads, gypsies. Whatever you wanna call us. First there is finding a house. Obviously. And with […]

You My Friend Areā€¦.

A gypsy. No, not you. But me. The other night on Twitter, as I was twittering away, I came to a conclusion I apparently haven’t been ready to embrace. I read some tweets from the infamous and fabulous Danielle, creator of Haute Cowgirl. She also has a gypsy spirit. And I have connected with her […]

Like Closing Chrysler

No I’m not shutting my doors like a thousand of GM dealers have the unfortunate task of doing. Nor am I filing bankruptcy. Though I probably should. Or maybe I should just hide out for seven years, to return when my credit looks better. Does that even work? I am going to have to go […]

After move blues

Now that we are settled and the boxes, bag etc are unpacked. I am almost at a loss as to what to do next. Another bad part to moving 5 bagillion times, or more, or less. You get so excited for the move, as I was. I was ready to find nooks, crannies, cabinet and […]

Fear And Loathing In Texas

What am I fearing and loathing you ask? Moving. I am excited, don’t get me wrong. I love the prospect of moving out of this crappy country home, into a new house, where I can organize. Even the word organize excites me, thrills me, makes me want to move now. But the simple thought of […]