Balloonatiks Review

Finding new and unique movies etc for my kids to watch is challenge. Do you have the same challenge? That hardest part is definitely my son. He’s not the biggest fan of watching the same movies we already have. But I think that has something to do with always wanting wanting wanting. Let me introduce […]

Favorite Lord Of The Rings Character

Brent made is which means my time is always limited online as I feel like a hurricane or the likes has blown through. My house is chaotic. Dirty. Kids hyped up. Brent hyped up. Then of course my body has impeccable timing. I come down with a toothache which is good now.   Either way one […]

That Time I Wanted To Break It

It’s not as though I don’t like television, movies or entertainment type of things. I’m all for it. Obviously – working with musicians. But last night I get on twitter and every other tweet was about The Oscars. Lame. I turn the television on, The Oscars. Even lamer. And it’s not like I’m truly not […]

Oscars Inspired Goodness

The Oscars are tomorrow and I’m not the biggest awards fan but I do watch them, I love to guess the winners pre-show and see if somehow I’ve managed to gain ESP. More than likely it’s not going to happen, but still fun none the less. My friends and I have had viewing parties for […]

A Movie About You

The other day I saw on Facebook an app that you had to pick 5 people. Who would play you, your enemy, your best friend, your mom and your love interest (boyfriend, husband) in a movie. It was quite fun to do so now I am going to do it here. The movie: Brittany Greer […]

Dear Universal Studios Orlando

To Whom It May Concern: Last night my children and I were laying on the couch watching the new Harry Potter, Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. We watched the entire movie at least twice then finally went on to the special features. In the special features we learned all about The Wizarding World […]

Top Ten Movies Of 2009

I’m sitting here watching a movie and snacking on the ultimate homemade brownies. I did however make an amazing Fruit Salad with a buttery sugar sauce. Yes, I’ll blog the recipe soon. Either way this movie is fantastic so I was thinking it’s hard to just find a great movie anymore. One that when you […]

New Moon Thoughts

So I went to New Moon last night.  And if you know me, you pretty much know my thoughts on the Twilight series. It’s mindless entertainment. I divulge. Oh yes, I do.  Everyone has their opinion – here is mine. Unfortunately I am not the one that is going crazy of Twilight Town. Act One: […]


The night Brent leaves I never sleep well. It’s readjusting to him being gone and with the busy day, I usually get a nap in with the kids. Today/ Tonight being no different than the other times he leaves, I decide to run in and get the kids Subway for dinner. I’m a nice Mom […]


Let’s go back. Do you remember being a kid, seeing a movie and totally acting it out the rest of your child days? Well for me and my brother, there was a movie…RAD! No not Rad (that’s cool) Rad the movie! If you’ve seen it you’ll understand. My brother was big into BMX bikes and […]