iPhone Reward & Coupon Apps

iPhone Reward & Coupon Apps

iPhone Reward & Coupon Apps   I am no pro at the saving money and earning rewards thing –but I have found a few apps that I cherish and use daily. These apps will earn you rewards, cash, give you coupons etc. All of them I have found to be simple to figure out how […]

How To Begin Saving Money As A Family In Arizona

Are you looking for ways to begin saving money as family while living in Arizona? Well let me help you. It doesn’t matter if you have a large or small family. And I am not an expert, I am just a mother of 4, leading a family of 6. I just graduated from school and […]

Sell Your DVDs

Read further if you are wanting to make some extra cash and how to sell your dvds. Every spring I do what most people do, I spring clean. One of my biggest pet peeves is unwanted clutter and it just so happens to take over my garage. Why? Because I plan a yearly yard sell. […]

Sell Your Gift Cards For Cash

One thing I wanted to touch on while I’m discussing finances on my blog lately is kind of a quick way to earn money. This site that I am going tell you about, is not like most sites and it’s not a way to just make money online. You actually have two options to make […]

Is Meal Planning Worth It?

Right now Brent and I have the goal of saving a lot of money and paying off a lot of debt. We noticed that are biggest money eater is well eating. Food. I get tired of cooking 3 meals a day and what is the next best choice? Ah yes, you guessed it – eating […]

Making Money Online?

Right now I am on my stretch of telling you the truths of things I found out concerning saving money, coupons, creating a budget and now making money online (without a blog). Yesterday I made mention of two different sites that you can earn money from. Swagbucks you really don’t earn money, but points basically […]

The Truth Be Told

In my hiatus several things happened. I moved. I hurt my hand. My thumb. I worked on getting my family, finances and everything in order. A much needed thing that was put on the back burner for far too long. I am still in the process of doing these things more efficiently but I have […]

Money Spent On Kids

The older my kids get the more money I spend on them. I think is a known fact for all parents. When my kids were younger they obviously needed and wanted very little. My hugs, kisses, attention and the main thing; food. Those are fairly easy things and the food part is the only expensive […]

Incredibundles Happy Baby Contest

Thought I would share this lovely gem with you — for those mamas out there with beautiful babies and all! The first 50 “Greer 5” Readers who enter the IncrediBundles.com Happy Baby Contest will receive a free children’s book! Here’s how it works: Step 1:  Enter the Happy Baby Contest (www.happybabycontest.com) for a chance to […]

Online Shopping – Using Codes

If there is one thing over the past couple years of my blogging that I have learned, it’s that deals can be found everywhere. There are a million sites out there that will give you promo codes to aid in saving money when it’s time to check out. The thing is you have to be […]