You Did What

The other morning I woke up and made me a pot of coffee. The normal morning routine. Brent had let the kids outside to play already. When I was barely up and moving this is what he told me…. “I watered your plants, the kids and the dog.” I was pleased that the dog and […]

Jump For Joy

Tonight at two a.m, my time, Brent will get on the plane to come home!!! Sometimes, when he does four week hitches, we don’t tell the kids when he is coming home. They don’t understand a day from two weeks. It’s all too long to them. Plus, I’ll drop them off at my brother in […]

Lameā€¦ Not Me!

It’s a little lame, but I will do it anyways. I am putting a countdown.(at the bottom you can see it) Because Brent will be home soon. And I am excited. I miss him and I feel like this has been the longest hitch ever. EVER. So it’s a little corny, a little lame, but […]

OH Yeah….

Brent and I had this conversation last night. Brent: I think I make jokes to deal with stress. Me: Yeah I’ve known that since I’ve met you. Brent: I feel really bad. Me. Your Mom and I were discussing how you and your brothers deal with things differently. Even though you all have a god […]

What the….

I snapped these pictures of Brent after he grilled all day on Tristan’s unofficial third birthday. He usually takes a nap around 3 in the afternoon while he is home. Can’t really blame him as he works for 4-6 weeks without a day off. So yeah I’d imagine he is only slightly exhausted. But sometimes, […]

Pat On The Back

Just wanted to say how proud of the hubby I am. He got yet another promotion, this time to General Foreman (or as his Dad likes to joke General Flunky) and another raise!!!! He’s super awesome at what he does and after all we’ve been through I always knew what he could do. I am […]

Gone and Home

So I am feeling quite better, not a hundred percent but better. Mr. Husband has gone back to work. Sad. But as always I am looking forward to the next time he is home. Unfortunately he also took our camera with him to work, but hopefully he’ll bring me home some pictures from up there. […]

How The Miner Was Thoughtful On Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, the miner was away at work on his 6 week hitch. It was a typical day, even if it was a “holiday”. I did dishes. I did laundry. I was managing the daily operations as usual. We weren’t spending the day running to here, running to there or even hanging out with […]

The Note From The Miner I Shouldn’t Share

This morning I pulled myself out of bed. I begun my day with coffee at my desk in my office. The mini miner’s were still sleeping. So I fired up the email, the social networking sites and the usual websites I like to stalk over first thing in the morning. Low and behold beaming at […]