I Wonder What Will Happen

Brent is only going to be 32 years old this year. To me that is still young. I mention it to him that he is going to be 32 and his eyes get a little hazy and his face becomes contorted. I’m pretty sure the thought of 32 to him is akin to having to […]

What Brent Thinks

I heard this song one day and I played it for Brent. He said “Oh my god that is exactly how I feel when I go to work”. He’s such a good man.

He Loves His Kids

While we do sacrifice as a family with Brent working in Alaska, one of the perks is him coming home for two weeks and we get a family two week vacation. Yes I still have to cook, clean etc but the weight of doing this alone is gone and I am able to actually relax […]

Crash Into Me

When you grow up you are told by your parents, siblings, friends, grandparents – relatives in general, “I love you”. And you respond. While you are young, very young I feel you respond out of obligation. Not understanding that the purest of emotion you are feeling at that tiny age in your tiny heart is […]

Burning Up His Pockets

So while Mr. Greer was home and his pockets were burning up, besides paying bills, getting my school loans situated and attempting to get our truck note finally caught up we did splurge on some things that we needed and wanted. All three of the kids televisions were shot and I didn’t want to be […]

Like Son Like Father?

Yeah, you think I have it backwards, but in all reality I don’t this is why Dayton “fell” off his bike and was slowly dying He died. Poor little fella. It was such a LONG fall. Apparently Daddy fell off the same bike. And died too.

Working In A Nursing Home

Many, many years ago (in a land far far away?) Brent and I worked at a nursing home not longer after we found out Miss Brodie was going to be on her way. I believe it was either right before I graduated high school or right after. His Mom was just short of assistant director […]

He Loves Me

I didn’t expect anything for Valentines Day with Brent being gone. I figured when he got home that we would do something together or get something for each other.  But like always my best friend never ceases to amaze me. Which I should have figured, one year he had his brother sneak a rose and […]

The In-Laws

True to form they WILL read this. They are fans on my Facebook page and they do read my blog so I know they will read this one. But as a side note to them, don’t worry it’s not bad! Ha! But about eleven years ago I was thrust into the Greer Family. But it […]

Is He Really?

It’s been awhile since I’ve blessed you with the wonderful conversations I have with people. And to be quite honest, I’ve have some good ones – but I always forget the next day. Or the next day I spend laughing about it and then never blog it. Stupid me. But Brent and I were texting. […]