Love A Little Stronger

I moved to the south when I was the very ripe age of seventeen. I packed my car, latched my newborn into her car seat, kissed my family goodbye and with my future husband hit the road of unknown. My husband was born and raised in Texas. He was already armed with the knowledge of […]

The “Real” Date

Do you remember me telling you a couple weeks back about how Brent doesn’t consider our wedding anniversary to be our real anniversary? Well I told you I would tell the story behind the date. December 21st. Also the date the world is going to end in 2012. You know, our whole relationship being a […]

The Husband & Wife Roles

A long time ago (probably not that long ago really just exaggerating the changing of times) wives would stay at home. They would cook, clean, take care of children, make the husbands dinner and probably cater to the husband. A long time ago the husbands would go to work that was it. Maybe he would […]

Mr. & Mrs. Brent Greer

I meant to post this on our actual wedding anniversary but I forgot. I was busy talking to Mr. Greer online. Ha! Well it’s been 4 years since we have been married. Happy Anniversary to us! Brent doesn’t actually consider this our anniversary because we officially started dating December 21st and that is an important […]

Burn Update

I haven’t updated y’all in awhile on Mr.Greer and I figured I would let ya know how he is doing now. A little over a week ago, before I went to NOLA, we went back in for a wound check at the burn unit. Which I am about to do a post about how amazing […]

Progression Of A Burn

A personal look at a progression of a burn. I know y’all will be tired of hearing about burns soon enough too, but this is OUR LIFE right now, so what else should I blog about?! The day after it happened Brent sent me the following picture of his burn. It didn’t look half bad […]

His Burn Pictures

Graphic warning, These are his burn pictures. Brent was involved in an accident at work. That involved fire. He was burned pretty bad and for the past couple of days we have been dealing with ER’s and Burn Centers. I was cleaning it today prior to re dressing it. We have to change the dressings […]

Picture of Him

Brent sent me this of him today. I love it. Plus I love getting emails from him with a picture of him in it, ha ha. It always makes my day.

I miss Brent

The days are just getting longer and longer. It’s hotter than hades down here. Things are going on that I want to talk to him about and share with him. Luckily he’ll be home in a couple weeks. I thought that it would get easier the longer we did this. No. It only gets harder […]

Like Peanut Butter

The other day Brent and I were just having a normal conversation via instant messaging. He was telling me all kinds of sweet and wonderful things. Things that if he was home I would figure he was wanting something from me, but he’s saying it while gone which means he’s just home sick. Of course […]