Makeup and Beauty Product Expirations

I know that many people (including myself) at one point never considered that your makeup and beauty products can expire, but they do. You can normally tell by the eye and smell test if any of these product are no longer good but sometimes you can’t.  Expiration dates on these products are essential to a […]

How To Create The Smokey Eye Look

I thought I would share with you how to create the smokey eye look. This is a very basic smokey eye tutorial for beginners. I did it with violet hues, but any color can and will do. Just follow these simple steps. What you will need to create the smokey eye look: Light or Pale […]

Smashbox Social Shop

I am a makeup addict. Along with a lotion, perfume…OK, I am a product addict in general. But makeup is like medicine to me. Makes my day better and relieves stress. And of course so much more. Have you ever heard of Smashbox?   About Smashbox Cosmetics, Inc. Smashbox Cosmetics is the indie-spirit beauty brand […]

How To Properly Care For Makeup Brushes And Applicators

In my previous article regarding tips to reducing acne breakouts, I stated that makeup can (and does for me) play a role in my breakouts. One of the things to take note of is not just the products themselves but what you are using to put these products on. We can’t obviously live in a […]

Top 5 Products For A Sun Kissed Glow

If you are absolutely NOT like me and want to have a beautiful sun kissed glow minus the hazards of the UV rays then you can do it. There are 5 fabulous products waiting for you to purchase and put on, but remember bronzed isn’t always beautiful. Insiders have informed me that the natural beauty […]

Summer Makeup Tips

I by no means am an expert in the application of makeup or makeup in general, but I wanted to share my summer makeup tips. Keep in mind also that I spend a great deal of time outdoors and working so I keep things very simple and easy during the summer months when it comes […]

Glamour Addict Boutik Makeup

I’ve had the pleasure of trying out some mineral makeup. I love mineral makeup, because it does not break my skin out. My skin is touchy, to say the least. If it’s not washed with certain soaps or I don’t use certain makeup, I look like a teenager all over again. Annoying! I found Glamour […]