How To Use Concealer

I remember the first time that I was given concealer I looked at it like it was some foreign entity. I had no clue what to do with it or even how to correctly use it, let alone apply it. So I sat down in front of my mirror armed with my new goodies and […]

Stila Cosmetics Fall Collection

Fall is almost here. Which brings in new hair color shades (or at least for me, fall = darker), new fall fashion and fabulous new colors for makeup! Stila Cosmetics already has some of their fall collection out and it’s a must see! Stila in the light palette   Colors: – Bare – matte ivory […]

Basic Makeup To Always Have

We all like to have our blushes, eyeshadow, eyeliners and more; but there are some very basics to the makeup we should absolutely always have. These are products you can use when you just don’t feel like putting on every single thing you have. If maybe you need to run to the store quickly? They […]

Pretty In Peach – Get the peach makeup look

Peach is a beautiful and very understated look. It can compliment any skin tone and while giving a very natural look, it can also look very elegant. You can find a wide variety of peach hues to compliment your own personal skin tone, but the majority of the makeups that come in this color, as […]

Get The Look – Audrina Partridge

There are some celeb’s who have fabulous looks that I just am itching to try on myself. I realize they pay high dollar for amazing makeup artists, but c’mon we all have to learn somewhere. I saw the following image of Audrina Partridge recently (actually taken in 2010 I believe) and loved it.   Her […]

Apply Blush Correctly

Blush is such a fun accent makeup. You can create so many looks with just a sweep of a brush and a beautiful pink. I will try to discuss the various places you can apply blush for the many different looks it can achieve but right now I will just show you have to apply […]

How To Get Full Lips

If you are looking to achieve the full lips look without anything but makeup then here you go! It’s very simple to do with makeup but overdone or not done properly can look very bad. You will need: Lip liner (and read: How To Apply Lip Liner) Covergirl Outlast Lipstain Sally Hansen Lip Inflation   […]

How To Apply Lip Liner

If you are looking for the way to properly apply lip liner well you’ve come to the right spot. It’s very simple and below are the instructions to apply lip liner (with a fill in with lipstick or lip gloss) so that you don’t have that 90’s sort of dark lip liner on the outside […]

Sephora Launches App

We all can obviously tell now that I am a product and makeup junkie. Well, to fuel my addiction and love for all things beautiful – Sephora has launched an app, Sephora to Go. Sephora noted in their press release and their blog that some of their favorite highlights of the app are: # The […]

How To Choose The Right Makeup

This is something we all obviously struggle with. Finding the perfect shade of foundations, shadows and blushes to match our skin tone and keep our skin looking flawless (as not two toned). You also then have to deal with changing skin due to the weather and maybe you tanning etc. But there are 3 different […]