5 Great Foundations

Truth be told I have used so many foundations that I can’t keep track. And I always switch foundations out depending on the weather, season and what look I want. Summer I try to stay away from any oil based foundations and winter I go with matte makeup. I also try to stick with foundation […]

Holiday Makeup

I really hope you didn’t think that Christmas here at SB was going to be any different then Halloween. We are beauty lovers here, c’mon we gotta all share in the love and inspiration from each holiday. And as I mentioned before the different colors are what makes up the fun in makeup and beauty. […]

How To Get Any Makeup Look Easy

I previously gave a very basic and guided walk through on recreating makeup looks you love. But if you are, say an intermediate, when it comes to applying makeup then I want to share with you on how to get ANY makeup look you want. Let me show you some of the makeup looks I […]

Top 5 Smokey Eye Palettes

The smokey eye look is a makeup classic. Just like the ponytail style is a classic hairstyle. The best part about both of these though is their versatility. You can create a smokey eye with virtually any colors and the look can go from classic to elegance easily. Again, just like the ponytail. But I’ll […]

Easy To Do Halloween Makeup

Believe it or not, applying makeup is actually very easy to do. One of the most important things to remember though is that you can’t be afraid to layer it on. Whether you are going to a party or just going around the neighborhood for candy – a light layer of makeup is not going […]

Common Makeup Mistakes

There are a few makeup mistakes we all make, including myself when it comes to applying makeup (even choosing the right makeup). I think it’s easy to get stuck in a routine that we are used to and not realize that it’s quite possible we are doing it wrong. Also not to mention we look […]

NARS Fall/Holiday 2011 Makeup Collections

I was browsing around (read:shopping) makeup looks, collections and more. It then hit me that I haven’t showcased even more of the Fall Makeup Collections and I have left y’all hanging. For the most part, we are in the thick of fall and wanting to sport all the fabulous fall makeup looks and trends. Well […]

5 Beautiful Fall Makeup Looks

Obviously very behind with this post as these images are from the Fall RTW 2011 fashion shows back in the spring. But we are (or the most of us are) completely immersed in the beautiful season of fall now and what better time to showcase some of the best looks for you to try out! […]

Best Products For Nude Makeup Look

I gave you the nude makeup looks I love and 5 best nude makeup tutorials — but now I want to give you the products that I think are the best for achieving this look. The nude makeup look is easily done with products from foundation to lipstick. And truth be told, not all products […]

5 Nude Makeup Look Tutorials

I told you I wouldn’t leave you hanging when it came to the best nude makeup looks and how to get them! And as I covered in that post, the nude makeup look is versatile and stunning. I wanted to now be able to bring you the top 5 nude makeup look tutorial on the […]