Be Thankful

It’s Thanksgiving. And most every single blogger has a post popping up about being thankful. Pinup Chronicles details her thankfulness in stylish form, giving thanks to heels and glitter and new trends. I am going to have to bow to her mind of great ideas and do my own giving thanks – in beauty form. […]

Thanksgiving Makeup Style

I know that you have a fabulous Thanksgiving day planned. I know I do. It’s one of the best things about the holiday’s – getting dressed up, applying makeup and doing your hair – to have that stunning holiday look. It’s fabulous. It’s fun. It’s all about looking great. The best part is, I’m going […]

How To Makeup (Tips)

Makeup is a fun thing right?! We’ve all established this. We know that we can make or break a style (fashion) with makeup and hair. But did you also know that you can use makeup to help “correct” facial features too? Well you can and here are some tips for doing it!   1. How […]

How To Get Perfect Lips

This should be more aptly titled to how to wear and apply any lip makeup since that is what we are going to cover. I am going to give you some tips on applying makeup to your lips to get the best possible pucker ever! Wearing lipstick is one of the fun parts about makeup. […]

Fabulous Fake Lashes

Most days I spend a good hour or two (yes that long) sitting in front of my mirror getting all prettied up. I like to take my time and make my makeup look fantastic. If I mess up, well I will start all over. And it doesn’t matter who or what you are — sometimes […]

MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2011 Collection

This makeup collection, out just in time for Christmas this year is just to be a hit. MAC Cosmetics has their new Holiday 2011 Collection – Glitter and Ice out! It is a perfect blend of wintery awesome(ness) and chilling allure. It makes me think of a snowy winter day, ice princesses and overflowing champagne […]

Beauty Stocking Stuffers Under $30

Oh yes, Christmas is just right around the corner. And there is absolutely nothing better then to wake up to a stocking filled with delicious beauty products. And I fully support stuffing your own stocking with magical and beautiful goodies. But maybe you are looking stuff for your wife, mother, friend or daughter. Well look […]

What Lip Product Should I Wear In Winter?

This is actually a great question to be answered and one that I could easily apply to all seasons. But since we are dancing along the edge of fall and winter I thought I would cover it now. (Unless you live in Arizona, which we are pretending it’s early fall with 80-90 degree weather). As […]

How To Get Season Inspired Styles

The art of the beauty industry – or the best part about it, is allowing the trends, seasons (and so much more) inspire the way you style your hair and makeup. I for one love when each season hits and I can break out the different colored makeup palettes and create looks. It’s my way […]

Best Makeup Looks Of Female Country Music Artists

I could literally go on for hours about the various sources of inspiration I have for different style of makeup but I wanted to touch on my roots a little. I think at some point in time every little girl turned on their radio and belted Reba songs as loud as they could. We all […]