No Makeup Summer Tip

No Makeup Summer Tip

Summer is always my favorite time because I don’t have to wear much makeup. My skin stays relatively clear and I worship (I know not a good idea) the sun. But this three product ensemble I am about to share with you is also good for anytime. Yet I have to say is the best […]

Quick Makeup On The Go

It seems as though lately I am always on the go. I am either running here, running there, taking someone here or taking someone there. I then have school, kids and a long list of various other things that could take a blog post to explain (or more). And today was no different. I had […]

Stila Cosmetics Galore

So with Christmas literally right around the corner I am trying to keep up with all the amazing things happening with beauty products and companies. Sometimes I am just not that good. But today I decided to go visit Stila Cosmetics and I just happened to stumble upon some beauty goodies galore with them. So […]

Ulta Makeup Kits

I hate being cold. HATE. It’s a powerful word, but it’s how I feel about winter and being cold. But I am a positive person and I have to find the good in it. The silver lining. Well the two good things are Christmas and Christmas deals. And as I was researching and educating myself […]

Christmas Makeup

In my efforts to always keep myself educated on some of the best buys out there during each holiday I have stumbled across some fabulous Christmas makeup. There are a ton out there and I have written a few posts already about the various Christmas beauty products I have found and great ideas for gifts. […]

Makeup That Sparkles

You can add glitter and you can add makeup — then you make me happy. Pinup Chronicles recently covered How To Wear Sparkles when it comes to your personal style. And I wanted to follow up with how to wear makeup that sparkles. First and foremost whatever you do, do not overdo it. Pick your […]

Unique Makeup Gift Idea

I was just sitting here thinking about all the Christmas posts I need to catch you up on and I thought I would share you with a fun Christmas Makeup Gift Idea that is fairly inexpensive and great for women, teens and tweens! So what is it and what do you need? How about Christmas […]

Makeup On A Budget

I was asked recently the following question: What are some of the best make up products for someone who doesn’t wear it often and doesn’t want to spend a ton on it because it tends to go bad before they use it all? And again my heart became happy that I could answer this. Makeup […]

How To Recreate The Smokey Eye

When it comes to classics around the world, the classic makeup look that will never die away is the smokey eye. It’s beautiful. Versatile. But when I was asked how to make it softer – my heart was happy. The beauty of beauty – makeup – is that you can do anything you absolutely want […]

Does mascara color make a difference?

There are some questions that we all have when it comes to makeup, hair and life in general right? Well we all have searched the internet, asked other people and even done ancient things like opening a book. And alas we never seem to have the answers to our questions. Insert Brittany. I have had […]