Get The Look – Vintage Glamour

Pinup style, vintage glamour, makeup is making a dramatic hit in the makeup looks. It’s all over the place and the celebrities wearing it look outstanding. The vintage glamour look is a mixture of so many elements, from bold to subtle, mimicking the infamous pinups, dark and sexy and radically reminding us of gumshoe detectives […]

Pink Makeup Tutorial

While pink makeup won’t be on the top makeup trends for fall, it’s still a very pretty color to pull off and do. If you want to pull off a very light and subtle pink, you can absolutely do it. I will work on getting a darker pink makeup tutorial up, but for now let’s […]

Get A Neutral Makeup Look

Do you have a busy day planned? Are you just going to work? Do just want to keep your makeup very neutral and simple? I can’t blame you. Often times I like to just sit down, do my makeup and hair and be gone. When I just have to run to the grocery store I […]

How To Wear Green Eyeshadow

Besides wearing your very simple neutral colors and of course pulling off fabulous Smokey Eyes, there is a wide array of eyeshadow’s that we are all often a bit nervous to try out. Green is actually a great color to wear and especially those with dark eyes and of course green eyes. But everyone can […]

How To Get A Summer Glow Without Sun

That summer glow is beautiful. It has an air of the natural look but still showing signs of being “done up”. The obvious terms, summery, glowing are exactly what we all want to achieve with this look, especially without going out in the sun. If anyone can ever pull off this look at anytime and […]

How To Get A Dramatic Look With Blush

When it comes to makeup, I absolutely love blush. It is one of the products that you can play around with and do so much with. Read up on How To Apply Blush first before proceeding with this tutorial. After reading that you should have taken note that I said you can do many looks […]

How To Use Covergirl Exact Eyelights Eye-Brightening Eye Shadows

When Covergirl’s Exact Eyelights products hit the market I was stoked. I just had to run out and get them. I think my eyes are one of the best things on my face and I love to play them up. I purchased the entire line for blue eyes and then stared at them dumbfounded. Luckily […]

Pull Off Purple Eyeshadow

The 80’s (late 70’s even maybe?) of bright and bold colors creep in it seems unnoticed amongst makeup styles. You’ll catch often times those with beautiful olive skin sporting lovely lilacs, passionately purples and rich plums, accentuating their lovely appearance. But purple can be pulled off and especially eyeshadow, on anybody! What you’ll need: M.A.C […]

How To Use Concealer

I remember the first time that I was given concealer I looked at it like it was some foreign entity. I had no clue what to do with it or even how to correctly use it, let alone apply it. So I sat down in front of my mirror armed with my new goodies and […]

Pretty In Peach – Get the peach makeup look

Peach is a beautiful and very understated look. It can compliment any skin tone and while giving a very natural look, it can also look very elegant. You can find a wide variety of peach hues to compliment your own personal skin tone, but the majority of the makeups that come in this color, as […]