Dewy Healthy Summer Glow

This is a actually part one of my Spring Trend report that I gathered from Fashion Week. One of the things I happened to jot down throughout all my notes was “fresh”.  The dewy healthy summer glow was playing a major part in all the styles throughout each show. There was pops of colors, soft […]

Makeup Primer

Throughout most of my posts that I have written there has been one thing I have overlooked and not mentioned. We will call it a top overlooked makeup detail or even thought of as a well hidden professional beauty detail. Regardless, makeup primer is something to consider before applying your makeup everyday. I’m going to […]

When and How To Use Bronzer

I’m not exactly going into a detailed how to on bronzer because the actual application of bronzer is much like applying blush. The difference or really the similarity is WHERE to put it. If you decide to use bronzer, which I am actually a huge fan of bronzer for contouring and highlighting, do not apply […]

5 Minute Makeup Look

Some days we just never have enough time for anything. That includes eating. And often times we found out all we have is 5 minutes to throw ourselves together and look presentable. So what do you do? Well get a great 5 minute makeup look!  Here is what you need and how to do it! […]

Makeup Kit Must Haves

I have covered so much when it comes to makeup, including how to properly clean your makeup applicators and brushes, but let’s talk about what should be your makeup kits. I’ve covered Basic Makeup Brushes to have, but there is more to have in there. Things that you should never be caught without. From helping […]

9 Basic Makeup Brushes To Have

You don’t have to run out and get a $200 makeup brush set, though I know I want to buy the more expensive ones and I don’t advise using the ones that come in your makeup you purchase. All you need is 9, yes that’s right, 9, brushes for the basic makeup application. I am […]

How To Wear Eyeliner

Recently I spoke with a friend and she wanted to know how to wear eyeliner and apply eyeliner. And I know most of you are thinking it’s simple, but honestly it’s not. Her words were, so I don’t look like a two dollar hooker. And she is spot on with this thought. Often times we […]

Get The Cat Eye Look

I love the cat’s eye makeup look and some call it the Cleopatra. It’s very sultry and seductive but it can be very fun too. And if done right it can fake people into believing you have thick, long and beautiful upper eyelashes. Don’t be afraid to play the entire look up or down and […]

Learn How To Recreate Looks You Like

One of my all time favorite thing to do is keep my old magazines and then later tear out the pictures that I love. These images are normally looks {makeup and hair} that I want to try on myself and think are amazing. Most of us do this, see looks and styles we like and […]

Get glam eyes

I have a lot of fun experimenting with my makeup and my hair. A couple days ago I did experiment with my hair and came up with a super cute curly updo that is vintage inspired. With a hairstyle like that I needed to match my makeup to it. I wanted my eyes to pop […]