Quick Makeup On The Go

It seems as though lately I am always on the go. I am either running here, running there, taking someone here or taking someone there. I then have school, kids and a long list of various other things that could take a blog post to explain (or more). And today was no different. I had […]

How To Recreate The Smokey Eye

When it comes to classics around the world, the classic makeup look that will never die away is the smokey eye. It’s beautiful. Versatile. But when I was asked how to make it softer – my heart was happy. The beauty of beauty – makeup – is that you can do anything you absolutely want […]

How To Makeup (Tips)

Makeup is a fun thing right?! We’ve all established this. We know that we can make or break a style (fashion) with makeup and hair. But did you also know that you can use makeup to help “correct” facial features too? Well you can and here are some tips for doing it!   1. How […]

How To Get Perfect Lips

This should be more aptly titled to how to wear and apply any lip makeup since that is what we are going to cover. I am going to give you some tips on applying makeup to your lips to get the best possible pucker ever! Wearing lipstick is one of the fun parts about makeup. […]

Easy To Do Halloween Makeup

Believe it or not, applying makeup is actually very easy to do. One of the most important things to remember though is that you can’t be afraid to layer it on. Whether you are going to a party or just going around the neighborhood for candy – a light layer of makeup is not going […]

5 Nude Makeup Look Tutorials

I told you I wouldn’t leave you hanging when it came to the best nude makeup looks and how to get them! And as I covered in that post, the nude makeup look is versatile and stunning. I wanted to now be able to bring you the top 5 nude makeup look tutorial on the […]

Estee Lauder Fall Makeup Collection

I was skimming through my magazines the other day and trying to find sources of inspiration and various looks I could talk about here. I happened upon an image that I had actually once cut out and pasted onto my Inspiration Board. It’s a very elegant look but I think it could be pretty versatile […]

Get A Flawless and Versatile Look

I spend many nights and days creating looks with my makeup. I love to try to come up with my own looks or recreate looks I have seen. It’s the best part about beauty and makeup — the versatility. The ability to create whatever you want. So the other night I sat down and tried […]

5 Ways To Get Creative With Eyeliner

One of my absolute favorite things about makeup is how creative you can get with it. There are so many colors, so many different types {liquids, gels, matte’s} that the look can be recreated or you can add your own unique twist to it. So I thought I would cover some ways to creative with […]

The Time Warp Style

As I was seeking out inspiration and styles I liked I happened upon a plethora of collections that I just wanted to stare at for hours. I already skimmed over one very briefly in my Swinging Sixties Style, but now I wanted to touch more on one of my favorites – We are going towards […]