Love A Little Stronger

I moved to the south when I was the very ripe age of seventeen. I packed my car, latched my newborn into her car seat, kissed my family goodbye and with my future husband hit the road of unknown. My husband was born and raised in Texas. He was already armed with the knowledge of […]

Home From #BOBNOLA

I am home from Bloggers on Bourbon. I am happy to be home as I missed my bed and my legs are tired, but I love New Orleans. The culture and the life their is amazing and if you are wondering if you should plan a trip to the Gulf Coast, let me tell you […]

Crash Into Me

When you grow up you are told by your parents, siblings, friends, grandparents – relatives in general, “I love you”. And you respond. While you are young, very young I feel you respond out of obligation. Not understanding that the purest of emotion you are feeling at that tiny age in your tiny heart is […]

Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day to all of you! I have been tagged a couple times and have a lot to post! But we are moving tomorrow! Yes, we are moving to my home state, Arizona! I am hoping to have my internet up and going by Wednesday (at the earliest)! So I will be back to […]

Valentines Day –Sappy Stuff

I figured Valentines day is looming so I must get to that inevitable sappy love post right?! Right. Plus over at Posh Point Of View they are having a bloggy carnival with some great Mommy Bloggers and their love stories! I just could not bare not to join. So here it goes, my sappy love […]

How The Miner Was Thoughtful On Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, the miner was away at work on his 6 week hitch. It was a typical day, even if it was a “holiday”. I did dishes. I did laundry. I was managing the daily operations as usual. We weren’t spending the day running to here, running to there or even hanging out with […]

The Note From The Miner I Shouldn’t Share

This morning I pulled myself out of bed. I begun my day with coffee at my desk in my office. The mini miner’s were still sleeping. So I fired up the email, the social networking sites and the usual websites I like to stalk over first thing in the morning. Low and behold beaming at […]