April Autism Awareness Articles

During the month of April, Tammy at Autism Learning Felt will be writing all articles on Autism Awareness all month long! The following button is available on her site to grab and link to her site for promotion and awareness of all that is she going to be accomplishing that month! Help spread the word, […]

Is The South Culturally Conservative?

I was born and raised in Arizona and while they may call it the southwest the cultural aspects of living in the south are far different than living in the southwest. On the other hand Brent was born and raised in the south. About eleven years ago we packed our bags and very few belongings […]

Are You Prepared?

I know it’s such a weird question to ask considering what the topic is about, but are you prepared in (god forbid) case something happens to you? I hate to even think about this and so does Brent, but with three kids it’s so important. What do you even do to prepare? A will. Keeping […]

My Dream Home #1

The other day Brent and I were talking about our finally resting place, well no not six feet under, but finally stopping our urge to move from state to state. It’s something we must do soon. With Brent’s job, we get the luxury of really having any place to live. I prefer to live near […]

It Has Feathers

I was reading a blog post about Jon + Kate. (who isn’t?)  Resourceful Mommy had a line “that we’re all one misplaced card away from everything falling apart…”. How very true that is. I’m a sucker for those that have experienced or are experiencing hardship. I have. I realize that I’ve had a lot. I […]

I can’t make them, but I can hope

So tonight, I was watching my show’s, the usual sappy chick shows. And then the Michael J. Fox special came on. The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist. I had to sit and watch it. I grew up with Back To The Future and such. But one particular segment of the show screamed my name. Michael […]

Portrait of Perfection

As a child did you ever have those moments, when angered by your sister, brother, Mom or Dad, when you wished for a new family? I know it sounds ridiculous. But I remember times when I was in trouble were I envisioned my life differently, so that I could be doing what I wanted to […]

Twas The Night Before

It was the day before the big day. Television’s were blaring in every room of the house, music blaring on the computer in the master bedroom, kids running around screaming wildly, Mommy in the kitchen attempting to make a corn dog dinner, that would surely render responses of ‘gross‘. The living room wasn’t vacuumed. The […]

Deer Disorder

You wouldn’t believe that it actually exists or that I have it – but: I do. It does. It started oh, four years ago. At the time we lived about 20 minutes away from where we are now. In a very small apartment. But only two kids at the time too. Well that evening I […]

100 Things

Wow…100 posts. Nifty right? So here goes nothing…. Brent and I were engaged 2 months after we met. We worked together once at a nursing home. Not good pay but it was a lot of fun. We like to stay up late watch the News and other stuff and then discuss it till we pass […]