I thought of you today

I thought of you today. You used to be an everyday thought but somehow that’s faded. I thought of you the other day when I went to Karie’s. I thought how proud you would have been to watch Karie and I with our kids. The days I think of you, I hope you understand why […]

My Summer Wish

Summer is over for us. Sadly. Or not. I actually enjoy the summer because I get to spend so much time with my kids. But after 6 weeks, I am ready for the kids to be in school and to have my house back. Especially this year since all 3 kids are in school. I […]

What Type Of Person Are You?

The question is about you as a parent, but you as a person in general. And while I could get VERY specific about the type of person you are, I will break it into  two very basic types. Are you the person that worries A LOT? Or not at all? I used to not worry […]

Attempting Normalcy

While I realize Brent’s injury isn’t the largest life altering thing that could happen, it’s a pretty big deal for us. Brent is the “tough guy” and we are not used to him being as injured as he is that we are going to emergency rooms and Burn Centers. We aren’t used to having to […]

That One Time I Got Pulled Over

So this was a couple years back. Oh wow actually it was probably 5 years back. I’m losing track of years. I was going out with a couple friends for dinner at Chili’s then we were going to hit up a local country bar. Which it was our thing to go to Chili’s eat chips […]

These Ties That Bind

I hope against hope every single day that I am doing the best, the very best, at raising my kids to be productive, self sufficient, caring and selfless citizens of the world. I am sure along the way  am going to screw something up and I am sure I have screwed something up already. All […]

I Will Follow You Into The Dark

Mark Twain said “The fear of death follows from the fear of life.  A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time“.  And when I think of all that I have done and all that I want to do I realize the other list, the wanting is much, much larger. Unbelievably and […]

A Hard Day’s Night

I’m not really sure what was the final nail in the proverbial coffin of my decision. All my life when I was told not to do something instinctively I did it. Mostly because I was the youngest child and I believe the youngest children have a rebellious gene. Maybe a way to break the mold […]

Meeting People Online

Before I started blogging I did other things online. Yes, I even traveled to places (Florida & Puerto Rico) to meet my online friends in real life. But no matter how many times you do this, it’s always nerve wracking. You are meeting complete strangers that you have yes known awhile online, but seeing a […]

This Is The List

Of us. What we do now daily or I will be doing from here on out. Fun. Tiring. You know all that stuff. The list of things we do and how our days normally look now: Me – Up at 6:30. Pee. Make coffee, make breakfast for myself which is normally turkey bacon, cinnamon toast, […]