New Years

It’s typical that about this time, people start looking back at the past year and looking forward to the new year. They even make fantastic New Years goals. I like to take a brief glimpse back only to check off the things I have accomplished and am happy about. But honestly, I love the feeling […]

How I Do Go Back To School Without Extra Worries

As most of you may probably know already I am heading to school in November. I have already been in school for the past year, gathering up my last bit of prerequisites so that I can safely transfer into a reputable pre-med program. Well as I went to enroll in my classes this summer, {fall […]

Weight Loss Update – Half Way Mark

I haven’t updated much about my own personal weight loss nor have I actually shown pictures of my accomplishment thus far. I will not post full weight and measurements until I reach my first goal, which isn’t far off I do believe. I started tracking my actual weight loss in May of this year but […]

Motivational Quotes For October

We are hours away from the month of October. For those that live in a normal area of this universe you are actually experiencing fall. For me, I’m pretty sure it’s still summer out there. I have yet to turn off my air conditioner. Lovely. But those ushering in the lovely changes of colors, the […]

Look and Feel Sexy

We are going to stop just a second with the makeup, the fashion, the food and the life stuff and talk about ourselves. Our inner and outer beings. And we are going to be 100% brutally honest for a moment. Most of us all adults, some parents, some not. All of us are women. And […]

Adoring A Dynasty

I sat down at my television awhile back and saw a commercial for documentary on HBO that I knew I had to watch. When I searched for the air time so I could record it, I couldn’t find it. I tried to post a sticky note to my brain to not forget but somehow I […]

Southern Old Wives Tales

We all know of old wives tales that we have heard a good portion of our lives growing up and most of never believed them. And if you didn’t believe them and heard them, you would look at the teller sideways thinking silently how foolish they are. Truthfully some of the old southern wives tales […]

I love Brittany too

I was analyzing stats and information on my sites and the such when one of the keywords that landed a visitor to my sites struck me as obvious. I love Brittany too. And. I love you too!

I did my hair

Not that it is earth shattering news or anything, but I finally did the hair. Whew I feel better.   And I used box. I’m grounded.

I need hair dye something fierce

I mean c’mon y’all this is NOT OK. Roots showing is unacceptable.