Lost Pictures – Found

So yesterday I got this brilliant idea to clean my computer. Not like delete things. And not like wipe it down. One of the five hundred bagillion fans inside the tower was so caked with dust, I needed to give it a good blow job. (Oh. Dirty. Ha.) Anyhow, so I took it apart. Yeah […]

A whoops kind of moment

I am one of “those” parents that are lenient with my kids. Well not entirely lenient, but it’s best to say you can’t fit me into a specific box. (Dammit!) But I let my kids watch and listen to a variety of things. Including my kind of music. I try to avoid songs that can […]

My Life As A Teen Mom – Take 1

Having just blogged about Where They Go Wrong, in reference to what the media (etc) is not really portraying in the life of teenage mothers – I decided to finally share a little. I start typing and then I hit delete. Over and over again. Because just like when I got pregnant with Brodie so […]

Goody Bags For A Fashion Birthday Party

It is some unwritten rule in the universe that for a birthday party to be a true birthday party, there needs to be goody bags. Or maybe this is just in my head. Either way for both of my kids’ birthday party I put together enough goody bags for all kinds to enjoy. I thought […]

A Constant Change

My kids are a constant change. Which is really no surprise to any parent. They know that from any moment their child can like one thing, the next hate it. Their interest is piqued at rare moments and like an unexpected breeze, comes and goes. Again, really no surprise to us parents. But there are […]

Just some kids

Just a picture of some kids I like. No big deal.  

Should I Be Worried

I don’t know if I should be worried or do what I am doing and laughing hysterically.

Kellogg’s – Share Your Breakfast

They say statistically, breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. When I was a kid and they were saying that, I didn’t buy it. For some reason breakfast made me nauseous. Now, that I’m an adult and older I know a bit better. Yeah, stats aren’t everything, but seriously how can […]

Daddy Daughter Moments

There are few moments that I have to butt out of my kids’ lives and just let them be. These moments have absolutely nothing to do with me. Tonight, just about ten minutes ago Tristan had this moment with her Dad. I stepped in long enough just to take the pictures. My little blonde hair […]

How To Decorate For A Fashion Party

Brodie wanted her birthday party centered around fashion as I said. And when it came to decorations and making the party a hit, again, I was at a loss. By the time the decorations, favors etc came around I had already obviously had the Birthday Invitations made and the Dress Cake idea going. I wanted […]