Alice In Wonderland Birthday Cake

I made this cake for Tristan’s birthday that was Alice in Wonderland themed. If I had the time and patience to tell you how I created it I would. Maybe I will someday but instead I thought I would just share what the cake looks like. It involved round pans, Wilton Fondant Icing, Wilton Sparkling […]

Alice In Wonderland Birthday Invitations

I made Alice in Wonderland Birthday Invitations at home. Here is why and how: Tristan’s birthday was actually a couple months back but my intention was to blog about this sooner. Once again I had to create the birthday party from scratch just like I did with the others. Tristan was blessed with a really […]

Email Virus vs. Our Kids

Is Internet a Necessary Evil For Our Kids? The Internet can be a very useful place for our kids on many levels, especially when doing research, but it can also be very a dangerous place that is treated by many parents as a necessary evil. The interaction of children with Internet is often seen too […]

Tristan Just Learned To Flip

I guess today she just took off and flipped into the pool. She’s 6. My kids have no fear. Here’s the video.

Spring sprung then turned Brodie into a Mess

I wrote this post while participating in a blog tour conducted by Clever Girls Collective on behalf of Children’s Claritin®. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program. I think Brodie was in Kindergarten, or maybe it was First grade, that we noticed a serious issue with her. I actually blogged about […]

Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunscreen Review

Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunscreen Review

If you know anything about Arizona and summertime you know that all you can think of is heat, sun, water. Air conditioner or not, it’s cheaper to live in the pool then run your unit all summer long. Lucky for us too this summer, we have a pool. Which we live in. Basically. And while […]

Not that it doesn’t matter

Sunday was Mother’s Day. And I really hope that everybody really did have a good day. I did for the most part, but I am at the moment by myself. Brent being at work makes me the mob, errr Greer boss of the house. Which means no time to pee in silence. No time to […]

Reading and Summer Fun with Walmart

Just thought I would throw out this great tid bit of information about Walmart. Summer time is close so if you are like me you want to keep the kids busy outside and of course keep them reading so they do not fall behind during the summer. A great way to slow down for an […]

More Lost Pictures

Remember I said I thought I lost some pictures and then found them on a flash drive? You know from our trip three years back to Disneyland? Well here are a couple more. And I have to say I just love looking at them. My tiny humans are so well, tiny. Dayton is trying to […]

The Cost of Building ‘Em Up

When I gave birth to all three of my kids, I knew what I was having. I have no patience and Brent dislikes surprises. Christmas morning I want the kids to hurry up and open all their presents because I love the look on their faces. On the other hand, Christmas morning, Brent likes to […]