Settled In Monday

Settled In Monday

It’s Monday…the 21st and 10 days after arriving in Alaska…we are officially settled. Settled in on Monday morning. Last week the two youngest kids were able to enroll and get off to school quite easily and rather quickly. But Brodie on the other hand, hung out with me all week until we could get her […]

A normal weekend

This is the first “normal” weekend we have had here in Alaska since the start of our Great Adventure.  I use normal so obviously loosely. What is normal when you just moved your family of 5 across the country to a place so dramatically different from what they are somewhat used to. I take that […]

5 Valentines Day Kid Crafts

5 Valentines Day Kid Crafts

We are just days away from Valentines Day. Which means the kids are bringing home permission slips for the class parties and wanting to have cards to take to school. So how about we save money and do some crafts ourselves?! Here is a list of 5 Valentines Day Kid Crafts to solve this problem!! […]

Halloween Kid Crafts

Halloween Kid Crafts

It’s almost Halloween. Again. it’s exciting right? Either way, tomorrow (Tuesday) I also have to do a public speaking presentation at school and our topic is how to. No I’m not doing a how to on Halloween Kid Crafts, but I thought the email I got about them was fitting and timely. So I thought […]

Reading With The Boys

My son is a reading maniac. He’s a maniac in general but when it comes to reading he is beyond excelling at his level as well as enjoying it. If I ever am ultimately proud of my kids, it’s when I know they are going above and beyond when it comes to reading. To me […]

Go Swim With Disney Princesses

Summer is finally starting to wrap up here in Arizona. Finally. Though we still are having 100+ degree temps during the day, night time weather is finally reaching around the 70 to 80’s. Which means we must bid farewell to the magic of our swimming pool. The kids did it graciously and with the help […]

Heely’s For Girls

This should really say Heely’s for girls and women. Or even Heely’s for women like me who have hooves for feet, aka size 4 in kids. So when I ordered the Heely’s with myself in mind, I actually was thinking of Brodie, my soon to be 11 year old who wears a size 3-4 also. […]

80’s Kid Style

Take 2. It’s spirit week again at the kids’ school. Here is 80’s Day At School last year. And now here is this year:        

1st Day of School 2011-2012 Kids Style

The kids and I went shopping at the beginning of the month for school clothes. They gave me input on what they wanted and I helped out with what I thought would work or not. Today they are off to school for their first day and this is their style. I have to admit (obviously […]

I totally made this

And sometimes…I just think whoa…yeah I had a part in making this. Stunning.