Oh! Christmas Tree

I can’t figure out what those two poles are in this picture for the life of me. But I like the lights on the Christmas Tree! This will be the last picture of this series for this year! I’ll be back in Jan with more! Plus I think I’ll let the kids loose with the […]

Blurry Santa

This had to have been Dayton taking this picture. It’s a bad shot and Tristan is the one in the Santa hat!

A Girl’s Bike

This one is hard to tell who took it. Because I know Dayton well enough that he would take it just because. But it’s a pretty decent shot it could have been Brodie. But Tristan loves her bike too…..

Parents Old Bedroom

It’s actually a great shot. Which leads me to believe it’s by my oldest daughter. But it’s odd because this is our old house in Texas.

Kid Legs

Apparently they were either trying to see if the camera was working or their legs were JUST that interesting!

Spot The Square

This is an artistic style picture. You are apparently supposed to spot the square that stands out?

Backpack Backpack

I seriously think my kids need to learn a new way of being sneaky with my camera. My first tip to them would be not to take pictures of your favorite show. Like Dora. Or Dora’s Backpack.

A Mess We Made

I think they were trying to get the shoe to be the main focus? But I am a Mom and my obsessive ways only steer me towards the messy parts of this room.

Superhero Death

This one is an obvious (again) dead ringer of who took the picture. It’s a superhero. I am assuming he is now dead?

Twisted Scooby

This is an old picture. I can tell because of the pink trim and green rug. This was in Texas. Plus Scooby exploded and white tiny balls were scattered all over a bedroom. I threw him away immediately. Poor Scooby.