He Loves His Kids

While we do sacrifice as a family with Brent working in Alaska, one of the perks is him coming home for two weeks and we get a family two week vacation. Yes I still have to cook, clean etc but the weight of doing this alone is gone and I am able to actually relax […]

Crash Into Me

When you grow up you are told by your parents, siblings, friends, grandparents – relatives in general, “I love you”. And you respond. While you are young, very young I feel you respond out of obligation. Not understanding that the purest of emotion you are feeling at that tiny age in your tiny heart is […]

Burning Up His Pockets

So while Mr. Greer was home and his pockets were burning up, besides paying bills, getting my school loans situated and attempting to get our truck note finally caught up we did splurge on some things that we needed and wanted. All three of the kids televisions were shot and I didn’t want to be […]

Working In A Nursing Home

Many, many years ago (in a land far far away?) Brent and I worked at a nursing home not longer after we found out Miss Brodie was going to be on her way. I believe it was either right before I graduated high school or right after. His Mom was just short of assistant director […]

He Loves Me

I didn’t expect anything for Valentines Day with Brent being gone. I figured when he got home that we would do something together or get something for each other.  But like always my best friend never ceases to amaze me. Which I should have figured, one year he had his brother sneak a rose and […]

He’s Home

Brent has made it home, finally. Three months is a long time and we’ve never gone that long with him being gone away at work. Ever. We were both on the verge of breakdown. But now that he is home there are ways to tell that he is home. The first day was loud, obnoxious […]

Changes Pt. 2

Okay, so it’s not really changes. Just Brittany having to adjust to things differently. Which like some, or maybe not, I don’t really like to do all the time. I seriously consider acting like my three year old when the adjustments just are not suiting me. In other words, lay down on the floor and […]


I spent all day trying to get my creative juices flow. Sometimes the one thing that makes my juices flow is a little rap or a little hip/hop. Yes. Me. Brittany. The girl in Texas. Have I told you that I was not born and raised here? Anyway. That’s where the title comes from for […]

The Following Takes Place…

An old post from a different time. My words. My stuff. Written last year around the same time as now. Brent’s made it home and we are all very happy. We were all up pretty late last night but it was all for a good reason. This morning the kids lets us sleep in a […]

More Than…

Many moons ago, I met Mr. Greer. At that moment I did not realize I was getting more than I bargained for. Besides his crazy sense of humor that tends to drive me nutty some days, or his habits that make me question his sanity, I got additions to my family. My family is big. […]